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message 1: by Anne Kat (last edited Jan 15, 2009 05:14PM) (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) List of all of the teachers. All NPC teachers at least, although having your character be a teacher would be difficult.... Anyway, format:

Teaching Style:

message 2: by Anne Kat (last edited Jan 15, 2009 05:15PM) (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) Name: Harry Potter
Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA)
Appearance: tall, bright green eyes, messy black hair, and that famous lightning bolt scar
Personality: ... you should know by now ...
Teaching Style: very hands-on (think Lupin)
Other: Was very surprised when McGonnagal offered him the post, but apparently she knew all about the DA from his 5th year. Is usually an Auror.

message 3: by Anne Kat (new)

Anne Kat (anne-kat) Name: Horence Slughorn
Subject: Potions
Appearance: rather old and fat
Personality: -see HP 6-
Teaching Style: "You'll be making this, on page --. GO!"
Other: is still teaching only because it has him meet more well-connected students

message 4: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 3 comments name: Neville Longbottom
subject: herbology
appearance: dark hair, numerous scares on his face
personality: confident, very different from what he was at school
teaching style: helpful- but goes of topic a lot.
other: has a daughter that goes to the school.

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