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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex | 13 comments Is Seneca Crane's beard awesome, or what!!!!

message 2: by Justece (new)

Justece (inlovewithdance) | 410 comments It's so cool! I'm so jealous!! And it fits the actor and the character so well!! It is with no doubt, the coolest, awesomest, most amazing beard I have ever seen!!!!!!:D

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex | 13 comments I KNOW, RIGHT!

message 4: by Faye (new)

Faye Butler (fayebutler7) | 4 comments Check out my Hunger Games discussion, I'd love to hear your thoughts! and add me as a friend if you love the Hunger Games or Harry Potter :)

message 5: by Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~, So yeah, I have a northern accent...yet I live in Georgia :P (new)

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 477 comments Mod
His beard is EPIC!!!! :D

message 6: by Megan (new)

Megan | 9 comments That is some fancy facial hair. It's AMAZING!

message 7: by Chisom (new)

Chisom  (booky2) | 20 comments that beard was literally killer 2 look at. i was so mad he had to die in the first movie so i can't see it in the next one X(

message 8: by Taggerung (new)

Taggerung | 197 comments Two words: Fantasmagorically AWESOME! Haha, they should have had an MTV movie award just for the beard! Or make a category in honor of it (not like anything will ever be able to compare though lol).

message 9: by Emily (new)

Emily (emily1104) | 53 comments The beard was GREAT!!!!! It was kinda hot lol

message 10: by l (new)

l When Katniss hangs the dummy in Catching Fire, she should paint on the beard xD

message 11: by Jolie (new)

Jolie | 18 comments BEST BEARD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to get my dad to get one but he's not that kinda guy ;) (he said no)

message 12: by Alexander (new)

Alexander | 134 comments I AM ON TEAM SENECA CRANE'S BEARD!!!!!!

message 13: by Ellie (new)

Ellie | 20 comments Awesome!

message 14: by Gabriella (new)

Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 16 comments TEAM SENECA CRANES BEARD, ha ha ha! is it wrong I found it oddly attractive?

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