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Lizzie (lizlikes) Ok here we go:

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Lizzie (lizlikes) Intro:

I am a girl. 21 and a photographer. Better keep that in mind cause my photography plays a big part in my so far life story. I loved photography. Ever since I was 12. 2021 now. Nothing changed really. Nasty people, nice people. But they all wanna use you.

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Lizzie (lizlikes) June 18, 2021
Dear "King,"
Class and wealthiness, that's what really makes the world round. Think about it,closer is what keeps others moving. Power give people well power. Power convinces the weak to think your the ruler. It keeps you having the good life.Even if it takes the steeping of a person to the stupidest person on the face of Earth. When you think about it, you may break through a brick wall, but you won't see the light until you rise. But when you push people to the bottom of the ocean, you don't rise, you just push them lower. But someday, they'll catch their breath and come back up, waving bye to you, the man still with no life. You don't have a life. You steal others. I'm here to take mine back.

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Lizzie (lizlikes) June 20, 2021
Dear "Queen,"
I know we're not in high school anymore, but you sure are bratty like the 15 year old you. Pouting about how beautiful and acne less you are. How powerful you are. How many sophomores you "partyed" with. I don't care. You say you have 20 20 vision. But you make me think you need some thick glasses cause you don't see how deep you are in this ocean we call life. In 50 years, like all of us, we'll all wrinkle and grow silver hair. Then BOOOM! Not so pretty are you? You're just like all of us. Only you see thing with a pair of rose colored sunglasses. Yeah, those sunglasses like all the superstars' are a little too big for you to see the reality. You can tear me apart and strip this power of mine to even write, but I still have a voice. I still have all he pride I need. If shut me out, I'll scream and pick the lock. No cant take anything from me. You may have the model looks and fashion, but you don't have the pride I lock within my heart. I threw away the key ever since I met you.

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Lizzie (lizlikes) (when I read this over, I learn that I sound a lot like Jenna marbles. Lol.)

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Lizzie (lizlikes) (I guess this is why my teachers and friends say I'm tough and independent. LA teachers tell me I have a strong voice. Is it true.)

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Lizzie (lizlikes) You see this reader? This is my voice. It may not take ink or a camera, but they are actually photographs of my life. Now the papers with images, kick in...

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Lizzie (lizlikes) June 22, 2012
Dear Lost Lover,
We did not love directly. We didn't talk. We just sat there. We knew we loved each other. We just didn't do anything about it. No "Will you go out with me?" nope. You're moving now. I remember seeing you at school. You moved out this 6th grade summer, leaving me brokenhearted the whole break. Yup, it's those times where i have those hour long flashbacks. 5 years of school together. I remember 6th grade, age 12. We sat across from each other, every once in a while, while the teacher was talking, we exchanged looks. I remember on the day you last saw my face, I reminded you that I was still your friend and we hugged each other tightly. Only a force called moving away pulled us away from each other. I never saw your face again.

I remember everytime your friends who were also mine came over. We made a video for you and we caught up in that one video. Pictures were sent to your house. I know you moved to the town next door, but you seem continents apart. I think I fell hard for you. But I'm just falling in a bottomless abbess.

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Lizzie (lizlikes) June 30, 2021
Dear Matt(by the way this isn't a real person but based on a friend.),

I couldn't believe I didn't meet you earlier. I always thought coworkers had no light in theor souls, working with others and not being a pain. You're and average person. You've had your ups and downs. You get energetic and you get sleepy. Yeah.

But there's more stuff to you than just average. I'm pretty sure of it. You make people smile. You keep people serious while doing so. You don't complain. You don't freak out. You aren't afraid of what's coming at your face. Not that many people are like that. The only 2 I know are Ellen Degeneres, the tv host of the Ellen Show and you, the sweet guy talking to me at lunch break.

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Lizzie (lizlikes) Dear Fire,
You gave me mistakes and victories. Brought spark to everyone. Everyone's flame is different. Some blue, some red. It makes us unique. Without you, we're all gray. All the same shade.
We all age, but you still burn. Ashes, alike our regrets, we cam sweep the away and wait for next batch. Time turns some into embers, but flames can be built up again.

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