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The Singer's Gun
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Guy fakes college degree, creates fake passports, loses wife, moves to European island and does a job for his cousin Rena. Parents are art forgers. [s]

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Patty | 2 comments I read a book in the past twelve months that involved a guy from Brooklyn (named Adam?) who is being investigated by a female FBI agent (I think) for creating faked passports, who leaves his marriage by staying on vacation, who fakes his college degree and gets fired from his job, and then does a "job" for his Cousin Rena and ends up staying on an island (in Italy?) and because of a mistaken identity, a stranger gets killed. It's driving me nuts. His parents restore furniture, but in reality, they are getting stolen historical artifacts and restoring them, and then selling them. It has a whole existential vibe to the novel that kind of reminded me of Mr. Peanut. The title of the book, I think, revolves around when he meets a girl in a bar and steals her gun and that's how he realizes his is not just a journey that's the path of least resistance, but is intentional.

Patty | 2 comments RESOLVED: The Singer's Gun by Emily St. John Mandel

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