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Men's reaction vs Women's reaction to ending.

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Michael Burhans I'm curious as to the different reactions males vs females had to the ending. It seems a lot more females are happy with who she ended up with than males.

Now as a male who was too many times the nice guy that got dumped for the jerk, I hated the ending but had to admit it was real. For reasons I have never understood the vast majority of females I have known get quickly bored with being treated nicely and go off with the biggest jerks they can find. The reforming the bad boy fantasy I supposed.

I am curious, did you think she made the right choice, and which gender are you?

Adrianna I think she made the wrong choice ever loving Conrad. She totally needs Jeremiah. Sorry, but im going to reference to the Hunger Games, but Belly needs someone to make her laugh and be happy. Not someone who's all "I'm miserable, your miserable, lets have miserable babies" which is Conrad. And im a 13 year old female

Michael Burhans LOL, Adrianna, I am a 50+ year old man with a lot more life experience than you have and I can say that I think you are right on the mark here. Conrad is a moody jerk who always took her for granted and at every opportunity hurts her. Jeremiah has always been there for her, good and bad, and loves her faults and all.

Sad to say in my experience though, this ending was very realistic. I was Jeremiah more than once in my life before I finally found the woman who was my match.

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