Rapture (Fallen, #4) Rapture question

How do you anticipate the ending?
Ella Book Butterfly Ella Jun 09, 2012 02:00AM
I've fallen in love the first time I read the first book last year and now it's going to end!!!! So, how do I anticipate the ending of the love story of Luce and Daniel??

We'll.. I've thought of so many possibilities... (but of course all of them will end Luce and Daniel together!)

So here are some of them:

*The Fall will not happen, and Luce discovered that she's also an angel and both Luce and Daniel chose Heaven and they live together as the high rank angels.

*They stopped Lucifer and the Roll Call happened again, this time Daniel was asked again about his choice and he stand up to his choice being with Luce and told the two sides (Heaven and Hell) that if they would curse them again, he would still choose it over and over again. It ended up Daniel giving up his angelic nature to become a mortal to be with Luce.

*They were able to stop the Fall and found a way to end Luce's curse by giving up Luce's and Daniel's immortality to become mortals. They would woke up with a large chunk of their memory removed including how they fell in love with each other. When both of them meet again, they will fall in love again for the first and the last time.

*The Fall stopped, Luce discovered that she was also an angel and they are made to choose between the two sides but still choose love. So Heaven and Hell agreed to let them be, in one condition, one must be in the side of Heaven and the other is on the side of Hell (Like Steven and Francesca).

...Of course the Fall should be stopped.. Well, that are the slightly sensible endings I've thought, the others are just mine to keep. How about you??

Finished book and everything wrapped up nicely.....:)

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