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message 1: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29019 comments SOS’ Fifth Round of Book Shelf Bingo is about to begin!
Thank you to all our diehard BSB players for your patience! I hope everyone will be able to join us for Round FIVE! :)

As many of you already know, Book Shelf Bingo is harder to explain than it is to play. A shelf name is posted weekly and in order for your team to receive their stamp (on their bingo card) all members must read, rate and review their book. The shelves are randomly picked each week using Mr. Randomizer. The book you choose to read is your choice, the only requirement is the book must be listed on the chosen shelf in order to qualify.

Once the shelf name is announced, visit the link included in the announcement, choose your book, post your choice on your team's thread and get ta readin'. Once you're done, post your read date, 1-5★ rating and review. Your review does not have to win any awards for it's grammar or prose, however all reviews must be longer than "I really dis/liked it." Include what you did/n't like about it, if you'll read anything else in the series or by the same author, and anything else that made it a stand-out or crapped-out read for you. Please do not link to your GR review. You may, however share a link to it along with your review on your team thread. When all members of your team have RR&R'd their book, your team will receive a stamp for that shelf on your team bingo card.

NEW RULE: Each player must check-in a minimum of once a week following the shelf announcement. Let your teammates know which book you will be reading. We are understanding of RL issues that may arise throughout the game keeping you from posting, however, in the past, some players have gone weeks without posting. This is a team challenge and your teammates depend on you to participate and communicate with them. Your teammates and I thank you in advance!

The first team to get BINGO (5 in a row - horizontally, diagonally or vertically) wins! It's that easy!

We look forward to returning players as well as newbies joining us for Round 5 (R5)! Please read through the following and sign up in this thread, if you are interested.

If you are a new player: Please take into consideration, before signing up for this team challenge, that your team members will count on you and your steady participation throughout the length of the game.

There is no way to know in advance how long the game will last. Past rounds have lasted 2.5-4.5 months. The shelves are chosen using, so there was a chance the game could go on for a shorter or longer time period.

Teams have their own team thread where members frequently chat about what they’re reading, post reviews and comments. You are welcome to look through the past team threads (in our Archive: Past Team Challenges folder ) to get an idea of how the game flows.

It’s only fair that you consider all of this before making a decision to join us for R5. We want every member, new and returning, to be 110% sure they will be able to stick with their team throughout the length of the game. We are all aware that people will have real-life issues that cause conflict and other issues may cause you to be less active for a certain amount of time. We are all understanding and accommodate our team members during their breaks. Just please check-in weekly with your teammates and let them know how you're progressing. If you wish, you are welcome to PM either myself, Sandra or Judithe at anytime.

Please read over these threads for more information. Playing the game is easy and not as complex as the directions make it sound. Feel free to ask any questions!

How to: Simplified for the short & sweet version of how the game works
How to: Get Started, Get Playin' & Get Winnin' for detailed instructions on how to play the game
Q&A thread for answers to some frequently asked questions. Feel free to ask any add'l questions.

Once you’ve read through everything, if you are still interested in joining us for R5, please sign up below.

We will cut off sign-up on Tuesday, 12 June. Please feel free to sign-up after the cut-off, if you would like to be on our stand-by list. If someone drops out, I will contact those on the stand-by list to fill in.

MANDATORY: I will be sending a PM to everyone who signs up requesting that you confirm, one final time, if you are in 110% before I randomize players for teams. Please reply no later than Thursday, 14 June. If you do not or decide to pass, I will PM the first member on the STAND-BY list and ask if they'd like to fill in. I will make a post in this thread announcing that PMs RSVP requests are being sent, so you will know to check your in-box.

Sandra, Judithe, and I are looking forward to joining everyone for R5! Thank you to all the members who participated in the previous rounds!! We hope to see many new faces and returning faces in R5!

message 2: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29019 comments Returning players ... Did you read the New Rule above? If not, please make sure you do before signing up. Thanks! :D

message 3: by Steph, Serious series addict (last edited Jun 24, 2012 09:03PM) (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29019 comments SIGN-UP LIST
Please state in your post if you'd like to be added to the PLAY or STAND-BY list.

❉ = Event 'yes' RSVP rec'd
NO ❉ = Event RSVP pending


1. StephB ❉			51. Thenia ❉
2. Judithe ❉ 52. Breann ❉
3. Sandra ❉ 53. Lisa ❉
4. Kate ❉ 54. Mandy ❉
5. Midnite Marie ❉ 55. Vivian ❉
6. Michelle ❉ 56. Carlyn ❉
7. Tania ❉ 57. Kari ❉
8. Valerie ❉ 58. Valerie ❉
9. Kimberly ❉ 59. Jenny ❉
10. Caroline ❉ 60. Jessica ❉
11. Lauren ❉ 61. Deidre ❉
12. Angi ❉ 62. Nici ❉
13. Julianne ❉ 63. Lisa ❉
14. Lady Jaye ❉ 64. Cathy ❉
15. DG ❉ 65. Sallie ❉
16. Laura ❉ 66. Amy ❉
17. Jennifer ❉ 67. Lizz ❉
18. Sarah ❉ 68. Jennifer J ❉
19. Midu ❉ 69. Suzanne ❉
20. Wan ❉ 70. Deborah ❉
21. Josie ❉ 71. Cathy ❉
22. Meghan ❉ 72. Mary ❉
23. Leslie ❉ 73. Sue ❉
24. Sarajayne ❉ 74. Jessica ❉
25. Susan ❉ 75. Dawn ❉
26. Kim L ❉ 76. Jodie ❉
27. AH ❉ 77. Heather ❉
28. KarenF ❉ 78. Jeann ❉
29. Lis ❉ 79. Jade ❉
30. Skandia ❉ 80. Steph Ann ❉
31. Dawn ❉ 81. Cristina ❉
32. Regina ❉ 82. Zina ❉
33. Kerstin ❉ 83. Amy ❉
34. Leah ❉ 84. Ming ❉
35. Crystal S ❉ 85. Ana Willow ❉
36. Kat ❉ 86. Tiffanie ❉
37. Diane ❉ 87. LethalLovely ❉
38. Rachel ❉ 88. Daffodil ❉
39. Alyssa ❉ 89. Lili ❉
40. Dana ❉ 90. Juana ❉
41. Amanda A ❉ ****SIGN-UP CLOSED****
42. Christal ❉
43. Janelea ❉
44. Emily ❉
45. Heather ❉
46. Jackie M ❉
47. Kelly ❉
48. Jennifer ❉
49. Paris ❉
50. Sherri ❉

1. Lisa Kay (player) ❉		6.
2. Barbara (player) 7.
3. Audrey 8.
4. Amethyst 9.
5. 10.

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate (ficthoughts) | 460 comments I'd love to take part again as a player. :D


message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michelle_mc) | 2158 comments How I've missed you...

PLAY!!! Pretty please :)

message 6: by Steph, Serious series addict (last edited Jun 09, 2012 01:40AM) (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29019 comments Gotcha, Kate.

Midnight Marie, would you like to sign-up as a player? I'm going to delete your reply post above since there's no message. GOTCHA, MM! :)

Gotcha, Michelle.

message 7: by Tania (new)

Tania Rock (guilegirl) | 142 comments Hi Steph!

Hope things are good with you. Count me in if there is room.


message 8: by Tania (new)

Tania Rock (guilegirl) | 142 comments Sorry, count me in "to play" and I like the new rule.

message 9: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (versusthesiren) | 245 comments Add me to the play list, please. :)

message 10: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (gravy) | 530 comments I want to play again!
Kudos on the new rule! :)

message 11: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29019 comments I am well, thanks, Tania! Hope all is well w/you too!

Thanks, Ladies! ;)

Gotcha - Tania, Valerie & Kimberly!

message 12: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (zombiecazz) | 108 comments I'd love to take part again. It's been a while.

message 13: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) Thanks for the message. I would love to participate now that I have more time (thank goodness Summer is here!)

message 14: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 1586 comments I've been reading and following you all for awhile now. I think I have the jest of it and my schedule is clear (keeps fingers crossed). Put me in to be a "stand by" player, in case you need a replacement, Steph.

message 15: by Angi (new)

Angi | 485 comments Yeah! I would like to take part again as a player. Thanks so much! :)

message 16: by Julianne (new)

Julianne | 354 comments I'd like to play too. I'm a newbie to BSB though. :)

message 17: by Lady Jaye (new)

Lady Jaye (lady-jaye) | 557 comments Me in!!

message 18: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29019 comments GOTCHA - Caroline, Lauren, Angi, Julianne, and Lady Jaye. Added you to the Stand-By list, Lisa Kay. Just let me know if you change your mind between now and the cut-off date.

Julianne, it's very easy to play. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

message 19: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 1586 comments Steph wrote: "Lisa Kay. Just let me know if you change your mind between now and the cut-off date."

Thanks, Steph!

message 20: by D.G. (new)

D.G. | 2752 comments I'm in! And I like that new rule!

I'll be on vacation in August but I've managed to read a book on vacation before so I don't let that stop me from joining!

message 21: by Laura (new)

Laura | 892 comments im in :)

message 22: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 150 comments im in to play!

message 23: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1117 comments I'm in!!

message 24: by Midu (new)

Midu Hadi | 1732 comments Play! Me! Hey LK! *waves*

message 25: by Midu (new)

Midu Hadi | 1732 comments Hey Valerie!! *waves at her too*

message 26: by Wan (new)

Wan (wanwaddell) | 612 comments I'm in. I'm going to try.

message 27: by Josie (new)

Josie | 1967 comments I would like to play again please!

message 28: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments I want to PLAY. I will be moving in July so may not have Internet access for a few days, but thank goodness we now have cell phones with Internet access. :)

message 29: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments I want to play!

message 30: by Susan (susayq ~) (new)

Susan (susayq ~) (susayq) | 247 comments I want to play this round. It looks like fun!

message 31: by Kim (new)

Kim I would like to PLAY!!! :)

message 32: by AH (new)

AH | 2271 comments I'd like to play again! Thanks for organizing this one so fast.

message 33: by KarenF (new)

KarenF (cleocleveland) | 540 comments I'm in again!

message 34: by Lis (last edited Jun 09, 2012 06:48AM) (new)

Lis | 3607 comments Me me me, I'm in! To Play.

Hi Jennifer! Hi Dawn!

message 35: by Skandia (new)

Skandia (sfgirl) | 678 comments I would like to play !

message 36: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (dawn_e) | 185 comments I'm in to play! Hi Lis!

message 37: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) | 2883 comments Hi Steph -- sign me up! Thanks for doing this. :D

message 38: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) | 2883 comments What are the ramifications of violating the new rule? By the way, I think the new rule is a great idea! Thank you for continuing to think about this game!

message 39: by Kerstin (new)

Kerstin | 862 comments I'd like to play again, please!

message 40: by Leah (new)

Leah | 880 comments I'd like to be a player again this round. Yay!! My weekends just aren't the same without a shelf announcement thread to stalk. ;-)

message 41: by Judithe, Soap Operas never end.... (new)

Judithe | 6408 comments So psyched to see new and returning faces!

message 42: by Crystal S (new)

Crystal S (crystalann) | 487 comments I want in! I missed the last round of sign-ups, but that turned out to be ok, cuz I've been in a major major slump for months. But I've started to come out of the slump and this will give me a reason to read. LOL.

message 43: by Sandra, Kindle Operator Licence Required (new)

Sandra | 23889 comments Yay! For all the players :)

Glad you're coming out of the slump Crystal, that's prob why I haven't seen you coming up in my feed. Now if you'd been in R4 at least you would've had to read 1 book per week.

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

I'd like to sign up to play. This will be my first time playing but I've been lurking through out the other rounds and finally decided I want to join the fun :0)

message 45: by Diane ~Firefly~ (new)

Diane ~Firefly~ | 908 comments I'd like to play again.

Rachel- Goodbye Borders (rachelgoodbyeborders) | 1339 comments I'm in again!

message 47: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29019 comments Hi, everyone! Great to see some new faces mixed in with our die-hard returning fans.

I'm adding everyone through to Rachel (post #48). If I miss anyone, lemme know.

Good question, Regina ... 50 lashes. The boot. Maybe all of the above. >;) Hopefully, we won't have to find out.

message 48: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa (lyssad87) | 974 comments Me me me!!!!!!! *bounces up and down* I want to play!!!!

message 49: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29019 comments Lisa Kay wrote: "Thanks, Steph! Thanks, Steph!"
You're welcome!

Gotcha, Alyssa. :)

message 50: by Dana (last edited Jun 09, 2012 07:50AM) (new)

Dana (erato) | 922 comments Oh, I was hoping it would be a summer round! Yeah!!! I would like to play please. :)

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