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Mexican Slang 101
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Two useful books for everyday Spanish

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Linton | 4 comments One thing most instructional books lack is grounding in language spoke in the street, bars, school, parties...real people stuff.
I've been pioneering that for over 20 years with Mexican Slang 101, which is now an ebook.

Another book that puts people on the ground for talking real is Elliott Turner's "Illustrated Guide To Soccer and Spanish".

There is nothing trivial about this kind of vocabulary. Being able to discuss sports and beer and sex with people moves you into a deeper embrace of the culture and idiom.

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Roy Klein | 9 comments Mod
Thanks for sharing, Mexican Slang 101 is now on my to-read list.

Your comment on the importance of slang is spot on. The exploration of 2nd language slang is a life long endeavor, and its control is often the real test of one's control of the language. It's also among the few things that are better learned and practiced by reading comic books than by reading classic novels :)

Linton | 4 comments That was one of my main routes to learning Spanish, reading Condorito and Mil Chistes.
I recommend the method to other students.

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