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message 1: by L'Poni (new)

L'Poni (lponi) | 60 comments I got this idea after listening to the Morrowind theme. Make a flash story (limit 1,000 words) out of one of these 3 songs. The music sounds better when you listen to it through headphones:

The songs are called Morrowind: Nerevar Rising, Oblivion: Reign of the Septims and Skyrim: Sons of Skyrim (Song of the Dragonborn). I look forward to reading your stories! You can choose one or all of the songs. Please enter which song you used in your story name. Question: did I post this in the right folder? I thought it would fit in the "General" folder.

message 2: by L'Poni (new)

L'Poni (lponi) | 60 comments Jaq wrote: "I might just make a new folder for writing challenges.

I may participate as well, although I can't today. I do have a vampire book in progress based on an inspiration from a song."

Sounds great!

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