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((Well, I guess this goes in this folder... You know what to do...))

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allycatblue *percy jackson is my husband | 1020 comments (i dont!!!!!!!!!!)

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) ((Anyone who got taken during the arena break-out will be held prisoner here until the rebels save them))

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((See the Arena Allycat...))

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Ebony opened her eyes. She was in a bright, very white medical room. She was strapped to a chair, and ached all over. She didn't know where she was or what was going on...

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments Rynn woke up. Her vision was blurry and she couldn't see clearly but she could see enough to know they were in a sort of hospital room. Had the rebellion worked? She tried to get up but she was stuck. She looked down at her waist which was strapped to the bed.

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Ebony turned her head and saw Rynn and Euthalia in the room too. They were both unconscious when she was awake, so they never could talk.
((Figured it was easier if they were together.))

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments ((Agreed. Yay I'm glad someone is here finally.))

Rynn stirred slightly and woke up. She moaned. Her body ached everywhere. She had and awful dream, they had rebelled, but had been captured. She looked up and an alarmed look crossed her face. She wasn't in the arena anymore. It hadn't been a dream. Rynn tried to get up but the restraints were still on her and she couldn't. She looked over and saw Ebony and Euthalia.

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Ebony saw Rynn's eyes open and a look of confusion and panic cross her face. She looked at her and whispered weakly "Hi Rynn."

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments "Hi," Rynn said weakly.

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"We did it. We are alive and don't have to die/kill each other." She said back, her voice, if not her body, strengthening.

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments "Yay," Rynn said softly. There was no happiness in her voice.

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Ebony put her head down again. "I don't know." She said with weary unease.

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments "We got out," Rynn said softly with a faint smile. "The Capitol captured us."

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Ryder lead Brock and Mitch to the front of the building. "How do we get in?" Ryder asked. "Maybe uo the side, in a window, then down on the inside? Or fake a security guard with prisoners?"

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "There's something at the top we could get in through." Brock looked up.

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"Alright. Climb to the top then?" Ryder asked.

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Charissa Sophia de la Rosa (purplerose328) | 949 comments "I agree with Brock," Mitch said.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "That's the only safe way in." Brock shrugged. "After you."

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Ryder saw an old precarious fire escape on the side of the next building over. This area was not well kept. "I'm going to climb up that one and we can jump to the next building over." He starts climbing, fast, so he kept the momentum going upward.

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments "Ebony. Euthalia," Rynn whimpered.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Brock cautiously followed Ryder.

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"Hey Rynn, I'm here." Ebony said back, though she was shaking too.

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They finally reached the top. Ryder cautiously edged to the side. Then, he took a few steps back and ran to the edge and jumped over. He gestured for the others to follow and started poking around looking for the way in.

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments "Okay," she said softly. "The Capitol is going to kill us, aren't they?"

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Ebony took a deep breath. "Probably." She said with a tear sliding down her cheek.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Brock jumped after Ryder and looked for an entrance.

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Ryder saw a trapdoor and dropped in. He found himself in a dark hallway without a light. He reached in his bag for the box of matches. He lit up and looked for his friends.

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments "At least we will die for a cause. The rebellion won't die with us, it will keep going long after we're dead," Rynn said with confidence.

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Ebony just nodded, and let herself cry. She wanted to be part of the rebellion, but she could go out worse ways.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Brock followed Ryder's light up ahead. "Where do we go?"

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"Down. I expect they will be in the basement." Ryder saw an elevator shaft. "Would you think I was crazy if I said we could jump?"

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Charissa Sophia de la Rosa (purplerose328) | 949 comments Mitch followed Ryder and Brock, being careful as soon as possible.

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Charissa Sophia de la Rosa (purplerose328) | 949 comments "Not really," Mitch said and smiled. "But it do sounds crazy."

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments Rynn became silent. She forced herself not to cry.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "Possibly," Brock added. "But you've always been that way."

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He laughed and said "Its all I can come up with right now." Ryder went over to the doors and wrenched them open. He could see the top of an elevator only a few floors down. "come, quick! If we can get on top of that, then we can stay on until it gets lower, then get out on the floor above it when it stops." Before either guy could reply, he jumps.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "Great," Brock said and jumped after Ryder.

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Charissa Sophia de la Rosa (purplerose328) | 949 comments Mitch jumped after Ryder safely landing below.

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The elevator dropped fast downward for what felt like a long time. Ryder held on until it stopped. He dove through an open door, pulling the others with him. Tensely he stood up, on his guard.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Brock followed. "Where to?"

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"Ummm, I'm not sure. I guess we're just looking for a heavily guarded door..." Just then a squad of peacekeepers trooped by. They seemed to know there was intruders. The men and women stopped in front of the trio and started firing. "Run!" Ryder pulled out his gun and took aim, running down the hallway.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Brock also took out his gun and ran to safety.

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Ryder turned and shot. He saw a door. He ran in and saw 3 girls strapped to beds. "I think we found it..." Ebony screamed.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) "We're here to help you escape," Brock hissed.

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Sarah (sarah1324) | 1576 comments Rynn watched as three boys busted into the room. They all looked tattered and tired. She had not been expecting any visitors. "Hello," Rynn said.

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Charissa Sophia de la Rosa (purplerose328) | 949 comments Mitch approached the smallest girl (Rynn) and cut the ropes that strapped her on the bed. "Can you walk?" he asked.

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Ryder went and started unstrapping the girl who was flipping out. He clasped a hand over the little girls mouth and said, "Shhhh. You survived the Games, your not weak, stop freaking out, we aren't here to hurt you." He looked to Brock and Mitch and said "Help the other two."

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) Brock cut the ropes off Euthalia. "Hurry."

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The door swung open, and Ryder's Peacekeeper came in, followed by others. Ryder dropped his hold on Ebony and shot. He pushed the others out another door and said "Go!" He looked at Mitch and Brock. "Get them out." He kicked and punched and stabbed and shot, while backing out the door behind the others. ((Gonna kill him in a sec. Make sure somebody sees from our group.))

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