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idk, u can choose, can i be girl???

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Um... okay. but can there be like some kind of adcadamy for gifted people?

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Name: Nicolita
Age: 17
Appearance: http://static.desktopnexus.com/thumbn...
species: witch
special ability: witchcraft and weapons

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Nicolita smiled to herself as the black, metallic broth began to form into a distinctive shape of a scythe. She grabbed it by the handle and swung it back and forth, testing its ability. It was made of black diamonds, steel, and silver mixed with black magic and dragon's blood. Nicole chuckled and threw the scythe into the pile of razor sharp and dangerous weapons. She grabbed her bag and walked to her first class.

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"You should be." she muttered.

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SaphireJoashia | 4738 comments ((hi, this is Saphire, I forgot to post on here after I created this account))

"I'm Chris, by the way."

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SaphireJoashia | 4738 comments ((?))

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