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the sound of Autumn

Alexander's room has dark wooden walls, wooden floors with a few carpets here or there, a closet, and a small dark blue bed. Everything is kept nice and neat; the many files all clean and shut tightly, the bookshelves lined up with colorful spines, and different paintings, sketches, and pictures tacked to the wall. An old wooden mahogany desk boasts art and photography magazines, printed articles, boxes of assorted pens and pencils, and a few drawers. A large bay window framed by thick, black velvet curtains overlooks the house's surroundings; a murky forest.

August's room is quite different. His desk is a mess of scattered musical sheets, guitar picks, bleeding pens and pencils that have been snapped in half and then taped back together. His walls are littered with band posters, along with a few small photographs taken by his sister. His bed is a mattress on the floor with black sheets, comforters, and pillows, a baseball bat laying right next to it. A guitar lays in one corner, a keyboard in another, and a lamp with a torn shade in the last free one.

A trap door in the ceiling has pull down stairs, which lead to the attic. This place is small, damp, and dusty. It's the home of a small white cot near a dirty window, a foldable table, an old icebox filled with more and more sketches, an emergency supply backpack, and a tall bookshelf lined with many different things; snowglobes, jewelry boxes, notebooks, glass cups, old family pictures, drumsticks, and a shocker- books!

The living room sports one dark blue, old, beaten up couch, a shaggy brown rug, and a radio perched upon a chipped coffee table. Also on that same table was a picture of a young boy and girl who looked very much alike, but one had brown hair and the other a light pastel pink, both smiling in front of a wooden house surrounded by thick brush. The boy is wearing a beanie and loosely biting the end of his sunglasses in hand, and the girl is holding up a few dangling keys.
There is a row of four hooks on the wall next to the door, one holding a Cannon camera, a light tan satchel, a long brown raincoat, and a broken chain necklace with a tiny little dream-catcher hanging on the end.

the sound of Autumn After a little more walking, they came to the front of the Drew household. "Here we are!" she said with a small smile, her bag swinging as she climbed the front steps. She opened her satchel and fished for the keys, then unlocked the door and invited Daniel inside. "Would you like anything to drink?" she asked as she hung her bag up on its hook.

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