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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Morris | 250 comments Mod
This month I have found professionally re-bound copies of The Works of William Shakspeare (1859), Lord Jim (Conrad) (1920) and Tennyson's works (1878)for little more than the price of a chart paperback. They are lovely editions that I hope to keep for ever.

I took a couple of old first editions to a binder for quotations for quarter leather binding and I was told to expect 150 GBP per book.

message 2: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 135 comments Wow that is expensive! Do you have pics?

message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve Morris | 250 comments Mod
How do we upload photos to Goodreads?

I didn't realise that bookbinding was so expensive. It seems a very time consuming art done by so few specially skilled people around now.

I bought some restoration materials to temporarily make good the bindings but one day I would love to attend a class to learn how to do the job properly. Even a cloth binding for the editions would cost 60 GBP each!

message 4: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 135 comments That is so expensive. I saw someone on TV doing it once and it didn't look too difficult. It is the leather which cost the money.

Upload by going to your profile and clicking on your pic then should be a button somewhere on the right.

message 5: by Steve (new)

Steve Morris | 250 comments Mod
Thanks for the instructions:
Here is my response to the rise of Kindle:


message 6: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 135 comments Wow, I want to make a collection like that in my life. Currently saving money for a car so libraries only for me :)

message 7: by Steve (new)

Steve Morris | 250 comments Mod
Oh..cars are just a black hole for money.

message 8: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 135 comments I know I know it's more about learning than having one realyy though I had a try in my dad's car on a car park and I think it will take me a few years! I am dreadful and it isn't helped by my anxiety of roads and lack of limb coordination.

I'm wondering whether to commute to Leeds by bus or train. Do you have any experience of public transport?

message 9: by Steve (new)

Steve Morris | 250 comments Mod
If possible when I've lived in cities then I've always found public transport to be the best option. As well as expensive, nowadays driving is stressful and tiring.

As I currently live in a rural area with limited public transport, I often have to drive up to 100 miles per day up and down between students unfortunately.

One big advantage of public transport is that you can have a good read while you're travelling. A far more efficient use of your time, especially when studying! I miss that....

message 10: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 135 comments I agree with the reading. That is also why I was more pulled towards trains because of the smoother journey. Will have to see costs though and pick the cheapest. Money is always what seals the deal!

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