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message 1: by Tialisa (new)

Tialisa | 7 comments I went to pick up my Son today, he's a cadet at West Point military academy. While there we decided to stop into the PX before heading home. I spotted a sign at the entrance that boasted 'June 8th Lee Child from 11:00 to 13:00' I quickly asked my son "What's the date" He replied the 8th the I asked "what time is it?" 14:00 I was so dissapointed I missed him by an hour I moped around the empty chair surrounded by copies of "The Affair" he was signing as my Husband tried to laugh it off by stating that I wouldn't have even known he was there if we hadn't stopped. Oh that made everything better.

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 9 comments Oh, I would have been moping, too!!

message 3: by Bru (new)

Bru (brucoder) | 107 comments Mod
Don't worry, you'll get another shot!

I'm surprised he was at the PX. Maybe he's doing research for his next book.

message 4: by Tialisa (new)

Tialisa | 7 comments It was a book signing that didn't appear on his website for 'The Affair' I emailed him that night and he graciously sent me an autographed picture that arrived today.

message 5: by Bru (new)

Bru (brucoder) | 107 comments Mod
How cool is that! He has emailed me in the past also. A very approachable author!

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