Fated (Soul Seekers, #1) Fated question

Is this the new hot series?
Carole Carole Jun 08, 2012 01:33PM
What do you think? Should I read this series?

I really liked this book. My 12 year old granddaughter saw this book and I gave it to her to read. She read Radiance by herAlyson Noel. I received a complimentary book to read and review. Being from Texas, I was familiar with the area.


Well I didn't personally like it, but that's just me.

i just finished the book, it took a lot of getting into i was more than half way through the book before i was starting to enjoy it. The evermore series was far better in my opinion it seemed much faster paced. I will continue to read the series though .... just something i have to do no matter how slow the book is if its part of a series the whole series much be completed :) i do like the characters in this book though quite interesting development, i like how it has been left on a cliffhanger as to what Dace is and what an Echo is. I'm in no rush to read it again.

Sorry for the fans of this series and no insult is intended for Amyson Nöel but I just didn't like this series. God knows how I even finished this book.

I thought it was a little hard to get into, but once i got farther into it i really liked it. so yes.

I liked this book a lot, but the Evermore series is by far better in my opinion. This book was well worth the read, but when I finished I wasn't like, "OMG!! I CANNOT WAIT TIL THE NEXT BOOK THIS IS BETTER THAN THE FREAKING TWILIGHT SERIES!!!" yeah, that was no where near my reaction. I was like, "Hmm, that was a pretty good book, it wasn't do die for, and it doesn't deserve a best book of the year award, I hope the next book has more potential." Yes, you should read it. MY opinion is gonna be different than yours so find out for yourself if you like it or not...

Cassie 'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood yeah, i agree. although i thought the secoud one was better than the Frist one.
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Wednesday 8th May is when book 3 Mystic is released!!! Cant wait!! Mystic (Soul Seekers, #3) by Alyson Noel

From the summary, this books plot sounds a lot like Beautiful Creatures. Character meets stranger in dreams, stranger dies in dream, character is the "bridge" between two worlds, blah, blah, blah.

I just finished reading Fated yesterday. If you like native american and hispanic myth/legends it's definitely a good read. I did enjoy the book quite a bit, however it is a slow mover with other parts that seem to move too fast.

I do think there needs to be more background and characterization in the next book, though. There are questions and background that need answers and resolution of a sort.

Also definitely read it if you enjoyed Alyson Noel's previous series. It's not as wrapped up in the love story as that series was but the pacing is similar.

I don't think this series qualifies as the new hot series. There are many out there that are better. It's an okay series for me simply because I like reading series books. I think that the "Chemical Garden" series is better than "The Soul Seekers".

Even though I enjoyed the Evermore series, this book is 20 times better! I think the story is way more believable. Don't know if it is the hott, new series, but it is definitely worth the read :)

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