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I know more about Service than about Lenin

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Flavio It is clear that Service has a preformulated opinion to Lenin prior to writing this book. He skimps on the most important theoretical aspects of Lenin's work and reduces them to discussing the health or social impacts of Lenin's hard work at writing/pamphleteering/newspaper editing. Despite repeating incessantly that Lenin was more at love with politics than with women, we hear much more about Lenin's love life than his political development. It also seems that the parts of Leninist theory that Service does not understand, he explains by declaring them "illogical" or "hypocritical". Good review of the book: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2002/2002...

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Stuart Yeah, it's a proper hatchet-job, designed to paint Lenin as a sociopath from an early age, removing the historical context behind Bolshevik policy in order to judge them against liberal political formulas that are completely inadequate for the job. Bollocks.

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