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Lydia (somewhere-only-we-know) | 106 comments So, I'm one of the mods of this group and I've been meaning to post my writing but I just keep forgetting! ^_^ But I've finally gotten around to it. Lemme know what you guys think :)

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Lydia (somewhere-only-we-know) | 106 comments Here's one that I just started today. It's not very cheery but...yea :) There's another chapter on my page.


We’ve known each other as long as I can remember. He held my hair the one time I decided to get wasted. I bailed him out when his mom thought he was at a friend’s but really he was at a concert. That first day we went to college and he didn’t know where to go. And now all I can think is, he’s gone. There’s numbness in the center of my chest that refuses to move. Tears are staining my cheeks in clear waterfalls, but I hardly notice them. When the person you love most in this world is taken from you, what do you do next? I feel lost. Almost like I’m stuck in this tunnel. He used to be standing at the end; my light, my guide. But now everything is pitch black. I can’t see, and my hands are groping the walls for something, anything to give me a sense of direction; to lead me back to that light. But that light is gone. Faded in the distance and I don’t ever know if I’m going to get it back. It’s almost as if a chunk of my very being was torn away and taken with him.
His head lay in my lap. Those beautiful brown strands falling in his face and through my fingers. The eyes staring up at me are the same ones that I’ve known my entire life but at the same time, not. They’re empty. That vibrant sparkle of life and hope is missing. His entire body lay cold and still against me. The usual paleness of his skin has gone almost chalk colored. There’s a giant dark red spot in the middle of his chest that reminds me of all my mistakes. It stares at me, mockingly, as it takes him away from me, as it oozes out his life. My feet slide on the dirt, making a thousand crunching noises that sound like a million explosions to my ears. I can no longer hold myself up. The previous numbness in my chest has morphed into an unbearable pain. It gets so heavy I can no longer sit up straight at all. It hurts to breath, but I must. It hurts to look at him, but I can’t look away. It hurts to be near him, but I can’t ever leave. How could everything have gone so wrong? This wasn’t supposed to be how it happened. We had a plan. It failed.
In those last moments when I could still see him. The real him. He whispered to me,
“Don’t forget me.”
The cascades of water blurred my vision but his words rung clear. As if I could ever forget him. He is imprinted into my brain. Every time I close my eyes his face is there, happy, smiling, full of life but after a while it changes into the peaceful, still, haunting bliss that only the dead can posses face that I last saw. I promised him that I wouldn’t forget, and I won’t. I wrote every last word; every last memory down on paper so that there is no way I’ll ever forget.
And as I lay here in this dirt, clutching onto him as though he were a life preserver, I wait. The sounds of wailing have stopped but the tears continue to flow. The dogs can be heard not far off and I know they are coming for me. I take the last few seconds that I will ever get, holding the love of my life, and waiting for the blissful punishment to take me away and end my suffering.

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Lydia Cooper (fanilowandbooklover) | 2 comments Wow! That was awesome. OMG, i want to read more now. That was AWESOME.

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Lydia (somewhere-only-we-know) | 106 comments Hahaha thanks ^_^

message 5: by Tiana (new)

Tiana Dalichov Very gripping! I was captivated from the first sentence and you kept me intrigued! It's like I can almost feel her pain and see the scene like it's happening right in front of me! Great work!

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Lydia (somewhere-only-we-know) | 106 comments Thanks! That means a lot ^_^

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Lydia Cooper (fanilowandbooklover) | 2 comments You have a real talent

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Lydia (somewhere-only-we-know) | 106 comments I don't know, I really like writing but sometimes its just hard to keep up with, but thanks ^_^

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