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The Stories of Ray Bradbury
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Annie Lee Phillips (annieleephillips) | 1198 comments Mod
In light of Ray Bradbury's death on Tuesday I just want to share one of my lifetime greatest book picks. My mom had this book and I "discovered" it when I was about 15. I was blown away. These 100 or so stories are just genre-spanning little jewels of a fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime imagination. Sure, Bradbury was pegged as sci-fi most of all, but his work is able to fold in the mundane and the mind-blowing in the same paragraph. From families from Minnesota who settle on Mars to a Picasso worshipper from Ohio who meets his idol sketching in sand as the tide comes in on a Riviera holiday, each story is like looking at a prism full of infinite worlds and futures.

message 2: by Venkat (new) - added it

Venkat Satya hi,which Ray Bradbury short story refereed in "The Long Walk".

Annie Lee Phillips (annieleephillips) | 1198 comments Mod
Hello Venky, what an interesting question! I have to say, I had never heard of The Long Walk and when I Googled it and saw it was an old Stephen King novel that I had never heard of, I was very excited - I am a big Stephen King fan! So I will have to read it and then give you an answer!

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