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((For all of you who like minecraft or want to play it(like me). It is a game mostly about survival... you have hunger and weird evil creatures after you at night. Skeletons, Endermen, zombies, ghosts, and most importantly, creepers(Bush-like things that will blow up if you get too close...)


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((How to start?

Also, one of the guys on my server scared the hell out of me when he used a creeper skin... but I blew him up :D))

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((O.o wow... :D I saw a creeper shirt today~))

Japan started to wake up, floating in a lake on the back of a dolphin.

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((:D That be the Mo'Animals mod?))

Atlantis blinked and rubbed her eyes. "Wha…?" She was sitting on a tall tree next to a lake.

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Japan blinked and patted the dolphin,"My bed feels a bit... off..."

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"Japan, are you sitting on a dolphin??" Atlantis called out, thinking she was still half-asleep; either that, or she was hallucinating. Everything seemed to be made out of cubes.

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Japan blinked and looked at Atlantis,"A... what?" he looked down and flinched, falling back into the water.

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"Japan!" Atlantis slid off the tree by accident, landing on the ground with a nasty crunching sound. "Owww…" she muttered, walking towards the water.

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Japan blushed and quickly got out of the water,"The hell..?" he muttered.

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"Either there's something wrong with my eyes, but everything looks square and cube-y." Atlantis looked around.

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Japan blushed,"I see it too..." he said and kicked the soil, making it disappear. "What?"

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"Hey, look, it's like a smaller version." Atlantis pointed to a much smaller spinning cube of dirt in the hole. "This is seriously weird…"

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Japan nodded and picked up the cubes,"So..." he winced and turned. He was stung by a scorpion.

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Um... I don't really use mods...


"Holy crap, that thing is huge!" Atlantis stared at the scorpion.

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Japan winced and quickly hit it enough to make it disappear.

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Atlantis looked at the spiral of white smoke. "Did you just... That thing dissolved..."

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Japan nodded.

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Atlantis noticed something. "Aww, it's a bunny!"

((Threw two rabbits into a 5x5 enclosed space and it sounded like a popcorn machine…))

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((O.o how does that work?))

Japan flinched and looked over, then passed out.

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Atlantis caught him. "Japan?"

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((Pfft, an how many come out?))

Japan's face was green. He was poisoned by the scorpion.

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every few seconds there's at least one 'pop'…

Poison wears off in a few seconds…
I hope))

Atlantis looked around worriedly. "I don't even know what cures scorpion venom…"

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((It does~))

Japan's face returned back to normal and he shifted, sound asleep.

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((:D Can't be worse than chicken food poisoning))

Atlantis sighed. "This is like something out of a video game, what with the cubes and weird animals…"


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((I know!))

Japan nodded and coughed deeply.

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"Do you think you can walk?" Atlantis asked.

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Japan nodded and stood slowly.

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Atlantis looked around. "I think we should look for the others… what do you think?"

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Japan nodded,"We should..." he said and rubbed his back. "Note to self, don't sleep on dolphins..."

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Atlantis didn't say anything, but began walking towards a small cluster of trees.

((Who do you RP in this group?))

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((Japan, Prussia, and America...))

Japan followed her and started to search.

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((It's too bad nobody else seems to have looked at this RP…))

"Hey! Anybody?" Atlantis called out.

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((Eh... Its fine...))

America ran past them with tears in his eyes.

Japan blinked,"America- san..."

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"America??" Atlantis blinked as well.

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A big bear was chasing him.

America screamed and started to climb a tree.

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Atlantis froze for a moment, then called out, "HEY! BEAR! THINGY!"

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The bear now went after Atlantis.

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Atlantis panicked and ran. "CRAP! CRAP! CRAAAAAP!"

((I've only ever sniped bears… DX))

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Japan beat the crap out of the bear and made it disappear.

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"Thanks Japan…" Atlantis sighed. "Hey, where'd America go?"

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Japan shrugged,"Behind me?"

America was hidden behind Japan.

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Atlantis looked around, then spotted America. "Oh… hey, America, have you spotted anybody else?"

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America shook his head.

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Atlantis sighed. "Oh well…"

((Sunset time? >:D))

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((I guess...))

America sighed too.

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((yay, creepers~))

The sky started darkening and eerie music began playing.

"This place is creeping me out!" Atlantis shivered.

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America whined softly and hid behind Japan again.

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There was a slight hissing sound behind America.


I feel mean, but oh well))

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America started to run, not bothering to go around Japan.

Japan was knocked to the ground and he winced.

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Atlantis grabbed Japan. "Come on!"

The creeper started following America, ignoring the other two.

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