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Jobarda | 7 comments Mod

I've created this group to try and make the Nerdy Show Book Club as robust as possible since it is near and dear to my heart.

At the moment I've left the group public and allowed only mods the ability to add books to the group shelf as it gets messy when left open to all users. Currently the books on the group bookshelf are organized according to the list of books which accompany each episode's page. I've split the shelves between the selected read-along book, books that the cast are reading, and books which were mentioned in the podcast.

The primary purpose of this group will be to keep track of the books discussed on the podcasts as well as the current read-along book. I understand that the book club is discussed on the Nerdy Show forums but this was important enough to me to create a space that was dedicated wholly to the episodes and read-along books as well as encouraging interaction between those of us who are frequent readers, giving us an organized way of getting suggestions for new reading material.

I hope you find this group to be a welcome supplement to the awesome Nerdy Show Book Club podcasts. If you have any questions or would like to be a mod please contact me on the forums or through goodreads.


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