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Reckless Nights in Rome  (Ludlow Hall, #1)
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Reckless Nights in Rome (June 2012)

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Tamara Ward (tamaraward) | 80 comments Mod
When you've read Reckless Nights in Rome, let's discuss!

Rhonda (rhondahopkins) | 43 comments Loved it! Anyone else finished reading it yet?

Jennifer Oliver (jennifer_l_oliver) | 2 comments I have and I agree, Rhonda. I don't usually read a lot of romance but this one was great!

Tamara Ward (tamaraward) | 80 comments Mod
I've read and finished and loved it also. I found myself unable to put it down! Addictive. And so much fun!

Kassandra Lamb (kasslamb) | 18 comments Hi All, I've been lurking in this group for awhile but decided I needed to get more actively involved. I very much enjoyed Reckless Nights in Rome. I'm more a mystery buff but enjoy a good romance now and then, and this is definitely a good one. I thought it dragged a little at the beginning but once things heated up, oh,la,la, did they heat up! For the last half, I would agree with Tamara, couldn't put it down.

One of the things I don't like about romances is when the protagonists deny to themselves how they feel. This doesn't happen here; they both admit to themselves they are falling in love, but other secrets they're not ready to share come between them, for awhile. Definitely a fun read!

message 6: by Nigel (last edited Jun 24, 2012 07:46PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nigel | 12 comments I'm ashamed to say I'm only just over halfway through this. It's been a busy month :(

I'm not a big romance reader, but I wanted to read one of get an better idea of the genre and the expectations. So far I'm impressed. There's a continual, plausible disruption to Nico and Bronte's relationship and Rosie is a great source of comedy. I'm wondering what they remaining half of this book will bring, they've already "got together" and I'm hoping there is still enough conflict to bring the book and couple together in a satisfying cli ... conclusion!

I'll post more when I finish it - Friday ay the latest!

Anyone think Rosie might be able to star in her own work?


Jennifer Oliver (jennifer_l_oliver) | 2 comments Nigel,
I loved Rosie! Made me wish I had a gal pal like her. :)
I, too, have wondered what Rosie's story is as well. I'm sure there's more to her.

Sheila Seabrook | 5 comments I loved Reckless Nights In Rome. The heroine was so likeable. And the hero, while very alpha, was so sweet to the heroine. I just fell in love with both of them and their story. Very well done!

Rhonda (rhondahopkins) | 43 comments Oh I agree, Nigel! I would love to see Rosie in her own book. I normally read suspense and horror and not a lot of romance (although I've read more recently than in the past few years). However, I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. Loved the depth of the characters. I've thought about this book more than most I read.

Tamara Ward (tamaraward) | 80 comments Mod
I'm like you, Rhonda, reading more romance than I have in years past. And I find I'm enjoying it! It's neat how we seem to go through different phases in our reading lives and what appeals to us one year might not the next! I agree, also. What's next with Rosie?

Kassandra Lamb (kasslamb) | 18 comments I think I am reading, and enjoying, more romances now because they are more realistic. For awhile, all romances seemed to be the same. Boy meets girl, both fall for the other but refuse to admit it to themselves, contrived misunderstandings keep them apart... All too often I found myself wanting to shake the protagonists.

Didn't feel that way with Nico and Bronte (except maybe her, a little, toward the end). I just felt bad for them and kept turning pages to see what would happen next.

message 12: by Nigel (last edited Jun 28, 2012 05:37PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nigel | 12 comments Hi all. I finished it at last. The ending was a twist I wasn't expecting. It was getting down to the last part of the book and I was wondering how things were going to get tied up neatly.

Anyone else like the bookending with Jonathan? I think it was a good move because his behaviour at the start seemed like a significant event that wasn't explained, and he got his just deserts!

The book's a good overall package, part quest, part life story, and played out between two believably motivated people. Rosie stays in character to the very end and a second book covering her future would be great.


Kassandra Lamb (kasslamb) | 18 comments I very much liked the ending! Some nice twists and loose ends adequately tied up. I need to get my official review posted.

message 14: by Dana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dana Delamar (danadelamar) | 16 comments I liked this book, but since "Rome" was mentioned in the title, I really wanted more of the book to be set there. I liked the characters (Rosie was my fave), and I thought the story really picked up once they went to Rome. While I thought the scenes in England gave a good sense of place, I was disappointed in some of the Rome sequence because I didn't quite feel like I was "there." There were some good scenes during that part that redeemed it though. More attention to setting would have made this book more enjoyable for me. (I love Italy and have been there twice, so I'm very attracted to books that are set there because I like reliving the experience.) I was also a little disappointed that we didn't get to experience any of Nico's reunion with his family. This seemed like a big deal for him, but we don't see the outcome. I hadn't anticipated the twist at the end, and was glad to see Jonathan get his comeuppance. Overall, an enjoyable story, and I liked the teaser for the next book. I love European locales, so I plan to read that one too.

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