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I'm an Anti-Twilight. You too?
Mari Mari Jun 08, 2012 04:47AM

I'm an Anti-Twilight. Yes.

 I can't stand Twilight films, Kristen single-sided Stewart and Robert disco-ball Pattinson.

You don't agree with me? ok. You can write your opinion, but attention: I love discussions, specially when I'm right u.u


I think the books are just and acquired taste ... some people say the book is boring and flat, whereas others say that it exciting and a story you can see your own self in .... Personally, I do love the books because I am one of the ones who find it exciting. However, I wish people wouldn't label the ones who are fans as "crazy fans" just because we like the books ... now the movies are different lol I have to try really hard to like them haha I think fans do take it a bit too far in this area because the movies do not hold a candle to things like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games ... but I respect those who dislike the books IF they have read them ... if not, I wish they would shut up lol

Unfortunately I can't argue with you because you ARE right.
But my anti-twilightism has little to do with the jokes they called movies and the cardboard cut-outs they called actors and more to do with Stephanie Meyer setting the World of Literature back to the junior high level and the women's movement back 100 years...sad.

Am I Anti-Twilight?
To the movies, DEFINITELY, God way to ruin a good book... All those people out there, who love the films, AND have read the book, I got no problem with.
But I do hate (wish I could use a stronger word here) all those people who say the are DIE-HARD Twilight fans, scream about how much they love the little shiny vampires and Bella's moany little life BUT would never even TOUCH the books! (but then they'd never be on this site anyway, would they?)
In my opinion, these books were OK,good even but nowhere near the UTTERLY-AMAZING-FANTASTIC-GRIPPING-TRAGIC-love story it's made out to be.
My God, it's just vampires, and it's just a romance!
Not really the first of it's kind, is it?

deleted member Jun 10, 2012 01:54AM   2 votes
I reckon Wuthering Heights is just as tragic as Twilight but when was the last time someone posted a thread about that??? It's a classic! Get over it, some people like sick, vamp romances, some don't. We're all different in our tastes. Why is that so hard to understand, people?! That very thing that has been drilled into us from day one! Don't rip on those who like the books, or the books themselves. Yes, we get it. Twilight is one of the most hated/loved series of the 21st century. Deal with it and move on! I'm tired of Twilight too, but i'm also sick of the negativity surrounding it. Can't we all just swallow our narcissism and accept our differences? Friends, not enemies! (say what you want about this, I've said my piece :) )

I hate how Twilight won best kiss!!!! That should have been Ron and Hermione!!!!

Omg. You're so unique for not liking Twilight. Congratulations, you must be the first anti-twilight person on this entire site who has made a post talking about not liking Twilight.

In all seriousness, why are you posting, "Yes, I'm anti-twilight" like it's groundbreaking? We have a million threads on here talking about what factors people didn't like about Twilight, what people believed were the feminist qualms, and yes, posts that say "Zomg I hate twilight and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart omg pick a fight with me I don't curr."

I guess this must be what immature adolescents find entertaining. I hated a book/movie so much I feel the need to let everybody know OVER AND OVER AND OVER. One day these children will grow up - I hope. Although, when I was younger and even now, if I dislike something the last thing I want to do is talk about it incessantly. I will never understand - and it seems to be only Twilight that has provoked these feelings of rage and ire! Get over it - read a different book or watch a different movie!!!

First of all, I don't understand why people are sooo drawn to make anti twilight threads, yet they don't have that same compassion of hatred for other books that are just as bad, if not worse. I don't see as many HP anti fans blasting it all the time. I question the intelligence of people who make anti-threads constantly who obviously have notihng better to do than bash books. I wouldn't care so much about people making ani-threads if they didn't jump down your throat because (god forbid) my opinion is contrary to theirs. Same goes with twihards which is probably why twilight gets so much attention. I'm in the middle: i don't hate it, but I don't love it. I spent a weekend engrossed in the story and loved it during that 120 hours or so, but beyond that the message the books send are not great persay, but I'm not making two threads on it.

Not a fan of it's publicity.

First, I very much disliked the first Twilight book (the only one I've read). But I have a hard time understanding why people get so bent out of shape about it to the point that they start threads like this. What exactly is different about your dislike of Twilight as opposed to other books you've disliked? Is it just the crazy fandom? I agree with most of the critiques of the book (flat characters, Mary Sue protagonist, lack of action, overly florid description, etc.), but there are a lot of books out there that are badly written.

Kathleen (last edited Jun 21, 2012 03:28PM ) Jun 21, 2012 03:26PM   0 votes
I agree with a lot of comments here. I loved the Twilight series when it first came out. All the books except Breaking Dawn. I really thought that dragged way too much. I even kind of liked the first film; however, I thought they miscast Bella by a long shot. No affect on Kristen Stewart's face. Maybe if she had read the series BEFORE she became Bella, she would have been able to do the part justice. I think Ashley Greene would have done a much better job. She had been called back to read the part of Bella over 5 times. I think she would have nailed it.

Another thing I hate about the movies is how they did the wolves. Especially in Breaking Dawn. The voice-overs sound like little kids playing in a school yard, squeaky and high pitched. It was supposed to be the biggest threat against the Cullens and one of the most tense parts of the movie, but it came off as comical instead. I never did like how the wolves looked too much like something out of Ice Age, too animated looking. They should have done something like Blood and Chocolate. Those werewolves at least looked somewhat like wolves.

I've noticed in most werewolf movies, there are two ways the werewolves are portrayed, either more humanoid, like in MTVs Teen Wolf and the Underworld movies or more wolf-like as in Blood and Chocolate and Red Riding Hood. (By the way, like all of these except the last, which was gorgeously filmed, and well acted, but poorly written.) I think most directors and artists either capture the essence of werewolf or they don't.

As far as sparkly vampires, I don't think the movies do the diamond faceted description that Meyer gave any justice at all. I liked her idea about the brilliance of their skin because it was a different take on the vampire myth as to why they didn't like to be outside in daylight. Sort of how Anne Rice's Lestat was different than previous vampires in literature, not always sleeping in coffins and living in big castles.

I guess my opinion is I liked all the books until I got to Breaking Dawn, and then the movies were just okay for me.

I liked the books...they were good. Especially Breaking Dawn and The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner was awesome.
The movies are horrible...I just don't like them. and then it's one of those things. I like the books they're okay books but I just become repulsed when someone says Twilight because it's all anyone ever talks about anymore. I've just gotten burnt out on them due to the general population. They are by no means the most fantastic books ever written, the movies are pretty bad....and *gasp* Robert Pattinson is not hot. People need to accept the fact that Twilight is a fairly good book not a way of life.

Mari wrote: "
I'm an Anti-Twilight. Yes.
 I can't stand Twilight films, Kristen single-sided Stewart and Robert disco-ball Pattinson.

You don't agree with me? ok. You can write your opinion, but attention: ..."

i agree. Awful fluffy trash

Didn't like the movie much either, I was astounded at how bad a director Mrs Hardwicke is.
Although, "Red Riding Hood" was slightly better than "twilight".

I find it a bit strange that you felt the need to start a new thread with the exact same message- and, very nearly, the exact same title- as an existing thread...what was wrong with that one?



Mari wrote: "
I'm an Anti-Twilight. Yes.
 I can't stand Twilight films, Kristen single-sided Stewart and Robert disco-ball Pattinson.

You don't agree with me? ok. You can write your opinion, but attention: ..."

I love the names. Very creative!

I like twilight :)

I HATE TWILGHT WITH A PASSION. IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME TO READ THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've read the books before they became a hit and i didn't really hate it as a whole. I actually liked the concept of Vampires and werewolves but man! I hated Bella and her "self-centered-ness" and I kinda hated Edward for willing to risk anybody's life to save/protect her. I mean fine, if he wants to risk his own life, but the fact that he would do anything as in anything to keep her from harm - both real and imagined (and believe me there was a lot of imagined harm) - like risk his family's lives, was annoying. The only thing that kept me going to the end of the series was the 2ndary characters! I was way more interested in them (i.e. Jasper and Rosalie and Alice)

The movies - were B-movies that just made the box office. They sucked 100% - from the casting to the script to the direction!

To me the book were better than the movies, with that being said i thought the books were rather boring.

I like the books, but they could have casted the people in the movies WAY better .

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The Twilight series was pretty good series. I'll admit, there are better books, but Twilight was okay... until people got obsessed. Its just like what's happening to the hunger games. People who just read the book right before the movie came out are suddenly die hard fans. I thought the Twilight movies were pretty good too, but I'm nowhere near obsessed.

I will always give books a chance and I gave this series two (I thought that I may have read through them too fast and might have missed something [did read the entire series in 2 1/2 days]) and I found little to no literary value in them. The dialogue that the author has written in horrible, the characters are flat and do not change at all, the love story is a played out retelling of everything done in the romantic period, and the character Bella is 100 steps back in the wrong direction. What happened to a strong feminine lead who fights her own battles and makes her own decisions?! If this book gets young people to read then fine, but I hate it when people say that it is the new Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.....those books are well written and highly developed, while this book is full of fail. I will give anyone who wants 10 YA books they should read instead of Twilight, that will be more engaging and better written overall and teach more then....get in love triangle, get the guy, get married, have a baby that comes out of you horror movie style.

Alyssa (last edited Jun 16, 2012 01:37PM ) Jun 16, 2012 01:36PM   0 votes
For those of you that tired to read the book and couldn't:

Alex reads Twilight. It's quite amazing but keep in mind it's his thoughts on it so it's not necessarily NICE. If you take a look at the date the video's are posted you'll realize it took him almost a YEAR to read it. XD

No argument here, sorry to disappoint!

COUNT ME IN! ughh Edward is so fricking creepy and cheesy, and Bella's annoying and pathetic, and Jacobs controlling and naive...
what happened to good sense?!

I agree the films arent the best but you cant really judge the book based on the films and their actor and actressess.

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HAHAH!!! I made the Anti-Twilight thread and it has spread!!! >:D It makes me oh so happy to see that I am not alone in this world!!!

I fucking hate the books and the movies; I only watched one and that alone made me relise that there is no hope left for Twilight.

My 10 year old sister writes better than the author can, has more acting skill than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattenson combined, and has more sence than Bella.
That's sad because everything I said up sister fails at, XDD they EPIC fail.

To the Twilight fans:
Robert is ugly
Jacob is a prick
here's some good looking guys for you to drool over:

i cant stand the film and i couldnt get through the first twilight book so boring. but i think the problem with the film is the actors are rubish and the problem with the book is to much detail.other than that the film is okay.

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Well for me I've read the books and watched the movies. One can't deny the hold the story has on the world, however are they great works of literature, well hardly! The vampire genre will be remembered by greats, Rice, Stoker, Fanu etc.

No...I'm a human.

LOL these kinds of threads make me think that hating Twilight is the new cool!

Im annoyed of what Bella have becomed in the movies.. Kristen has really ruined her, and I was dissapointed when i saw Robert Pattinson as Edward.. And the fact that Stephenie Meyer was on the set the whole time, and didn't say anything to stop them from ruining everything, just made it all far more worse..

Am I an anti-Twilight? Honestly, I ignore it. I have no room in my life for awful writing.

I hate these stereotypes about Twilight fans and how "immature" they are. You don't have to be 13 years old to like the books.

Just because someone reads Tolstoy or TS Eliot doesn't make them a genius and just because someone reads Twilight it doesn't make them a crazy fangirl.

Anti-twilighters are just as bad as the fangirls, in my opinion. They are doing the exact same thing they are with your ANTI-twilight websites, the booing and mooing anytime someone so much as brings up the name of the series, and the constant bashing of a stereotype that is non-existant. You don't have to disrespect people for liking something that you don't, that is the epitome of intolerance.

Do I like the books? Yes, they were entertaining. Were they a great piece of literature? No, but every book I have ever read and that includes Tolstoy and Eliot has flaws. That's what literature is about.

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