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message 1: by Anand (new)

Anand  (anandsjha) | 2 comments I have added four additional titles to this Group. Further additions and recommendations will be much appreciated!

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Anand  (anandsjha) | 2 comments Added one more book- 'Rogue Wave', to the list!

message 3: by Alison (new)

Alison Cubitt (httpgoodreadscomlambertnagle) Hi Goodreaders,

I am very new to Goodreads and not sure of the etiquette on this thread but I have added Revolution Earth to the book shelf. It is an eco-thriller set in New Zealand, Antarctica and Australia.

Kind regards,
(Lambert Nagle) Revolution Earth by Lambert Nagle

message 4: by David (new)

David Manuel | 1 comments Just found this group. I don't know if my books are "eco-thrillers," but each one revolves around an environmental theme, albeit in off-beat ways. Take a look and if you think they are not appropriate to this group, just tell me and I'll go away.

Killer Protocols by David E. Manuel
Killer Protocols

Clean Coal Killers by David E. Manuel
Clean Coal Killers

The Killer Trees by David E. Manuel
The Killer Trees

message 5: by Christina (new)

Christina (xtnaboyd) | 1 comments I'm new to the group. I am a book manager helping to promote Kenneth G. Bennett'sKenneth G. Bennett soon to-be-released eco sci-fi thriller EXODUS 2022 Exodus 2022 by Kenneth G. Bennett . Last week Kirkus Reviews said, “Bennett, after a neat Dean Koontz-style curtain raiser, keeps raising the stakes… Deft storytelling and a riptide of action propel this cataclysmic narrative.” Our early readers on goodreads and Amazon (kindle pre-order) have thus far been extremely favorable and enthusiastic. I believe EXODUS 2022 is a provocative, relevant, edge-of-your-seat novel that will stay on your mind long after the last page.If anyone is interested in reading an ebook in exchange for an honest and fair review, message me.

message 6: by James (new)

James Corkill | 1 comments Hello everyone. I've just added my three part Alex Cave "Energy" saga to the list.

Dead Energy. An Alex Cave adventure. Episode 1. by James M. Corkill
Episode 1. Dead Energy.
When the Americrude tanker left Valdez Alaska, she was filled with 80,000 tons of heavy crude oil. When she enters the Puget Sound in Washington, the oil mysteriously vanishes without a trace. The Coast Guard cannot find an oil spill, and the corpses of the crew are discovered frozen in the snow on a mountain one hundred miles away.
Soon panic grips the Pacific Northwest when the oil in the Alaska pipeline and west coast refineries vanishes without a trace. The only clue Alex has to work with is a dollar size crystal found in the hold of the empty oil tanker. Can Alex and his friends solve the mystery before it’s too late? Or will the United States succumb to . . . DEAD ENERGY.

Cold Energy. An Alex Cave Adventure. Episode 2 (Alex Cave adventures) by James M. Corkill
Episode 2. Cold Energy.
When the Polar Ice Sheet mysteriously expands by thousands of square miles, the sudden freezing temperature begins to alter the weather patterns on a global scale. At the same instant, an earthquake destroys the City of Victoria Canada, and awakens the sleeping Mount Baker volcano north of Seattle.
Alex joins the owner and scientists on the research ship, Mystic, who had accidently activate a mysterious device deep in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington. Soon they discover that another strange device had been activated in the Arctic Ocean, and is causing the increasing size of the Polar Ice sheet. If it continues, the world will enter a new ice age.
Will Alex and the scientists succeed and save the planet? Or will humanity be extinguished by . . . COLD ENERGY.

Red Energy. (An Alex Cave Adventure. Episode 3) by James M Corkill
Episode 3. Red Energy.

This is the third and final installment in the Alex Cave “Energy” Action Adventure saga, and it offers the biggest set of challenges Alex has yet to face.
The island was obviously of volcanic origin. From a distance, the island appeared as a black pustule in an otherwise clear green ocean. From the air, a hollow center was visible, evidence of long dormant volcanic activity. Otherwise, the island was nondescript. But on this island, inside the crater, an unimaginable treasure was embedded in the rock: An alien spaceship.
Alex Cave, tasked with coordinating the recovery of several items of advanced alien technology somewhere in the Bering Sea, discovers he is betrayed by one of the crew, who will stop at nothing to obtain one of these powerfully destructive devices. Alex knows that if this technology falls into the wrong hands, it could cause the end of life on the planet. And if this wasn’t enough, his past actions while working for the CIA have come back to haunt him, and his loved ones are put in grave danger. On this emotional rollercoaster, Alex literally feels the weight of the world on his shoulders as he is torn between saving the ones he loves, and saving humanity from extinction. Is there a way he can save both? Or will all life on the planet be destroyed by. . . RED ENERGY!

message 7: by James (new)

James Kraus | 1 comments The Forester

Adirondack Moments


I am new in this group & here is some background info.

I am retired from teaching forestry for 30 years at Paul Smith's College located in the Adirondacks near Lake Placid, in northern New York State. Over the years my students often asked the question: what is good forest management? I changed the question to: what should the human relationship be with nature & have done a fair amount of research on this subject especially in the area of "environmental values & ethics." Some of the books I read on these subjects are in my book list.

My research eventually motivated me to write THE FORESTER. The main plot theme of this novel is "conflicting environmental values," which is presented & dramatized by various characters. While values was a major theme the story also developed as an adventure story & a love story & this helps to make the characters & plot more interesting & realistic and made the book more fun to write & to read.

My "click on" book page above goes into more detail on THE FORESTER.

While writing, trout fishing, hiking, canoeing, cross country skiing, forestry, teaching, raising 2 kids, keeping my wife happy & building a house occupied much of my time (list is not in any order of importance) I also have an interest in photography & began photographing the Adirondacks & showed an ongoing slide show to my students. At the end of my teaching career I published ADIRONDACK MOMENTS with Firefly Books, a photo book of this incredible region.

I am interested in hearing from folks about their views on environmental values & ethics & their views on the human relationship with nature & what they have read or written on these subjects.

So, if you have a few minutes, please send me some words.

James Kraus

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