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Elizabeth After finishing "The Dovekeepers" it was hard to move on to a new book.

I have a desire to explore more about Masada. Wondering if anyone else has done so, or other stories of Women during Biblical Times.

I'm also tempted to re-read Anita Diamant's book "The Red Tent."

Brenda  Whitner It has been a long time since I read that book but I do remember that I loved it. It was a good read. It was about women during biblical times as well.

Cherie Definitely read Diamant's "The Red Tent". You will find it very satisfying, and it is in much the same vein as "The Dovekeepers".

Sara Barton Both are good. The Red Tent is even better than The Dovekeepers.

Susan If you have netflix, this 1981 miniseries is what initially sparked my interest in Masada.

Elizabeth I remember seeing the Masada miniseries when it first aired. Now that I have learned more about Eleazar ben Yair, Peter Strauss was an odd choice. But I do recall really enjoying the miniseries back then.

Susan I hesitated to say, "Do you remember that miniseries," because you might have replied, "No, I wasn't born until 1982."

Suzanne Frank There is another book on Masada: The Tenth Measure, by Brenda Lesley Segal that is far more historical and adventurous. Less about the women (though is a POV character) and more about the actions/reactions at that time. Unputdownable.

Cherie I knew there had to be a miniseries, but my memory was a bit cloudy. It was a very good series, but I especially liked the idea of this book being "told" by the women.

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Lisa I loved this book - I read it months ago, but remember it often. I just finished a book called: "Havah: The Story of Eve" A Novel by Tosca Lee. It was pretty good, but not as intense as The Dovekeepers. I will have to try, "The Red Tent" soon.

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