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Name a book to read this Summer

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message 1: by Sydney (last edited Jun 08, 2012 12:16PM) (new)

Sydney Young (sydyoung) | 62 comments Mod
Name a book that you suggest we read this summer, can be anything, fun or serious, one that you have read or one you want to. Sky is the limit. I will make us a bookshelf. Sounds like Grapes of Wrath should be one. Another I suggest is Imagine.

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Harris | 40 comments I've read Grapes of Wrath once, and I'm done. Y'all have fun. I have a nice copy, Sydney, if you want to borrow. Will bring the Triangle book also. I suggest Handling Sin by Michael Malone. I read it about every 10 years. One of my favorites. It's about a straight laced North Carolina business man on a piquaresque journey to find his defrocked minister father who has run off in a yellow cadillac convertible with a young black woman. It starts with a civic club meeting in a Chinese restaurant which has replaced all the fortunes in the cookies with things like "You will die of cancer," and "your wife is having an affair" and gets funnier from there. Highly recommend. Great fun for summer. Will make you cry from laughter and otherwise.

message 3: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Young (sydyoung) | 62 comments Mod
I was sure you would say The Art of Fielding!

message 4: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Harris | 40 comments Well, yeah,that too!

message 5: by Denise (new)

Denise | 28 comments I'm going to re-read The Great Gatsby. We saw Bernie last week, and they showed a preview of the new movie due out sometime this year. I haven't read it in years, so I'm anxious to read it again.

Stephanie - Handling Sin sounds great!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree about Handling Sin. That one sounds like a hoot. I also saw Bernie and the Gatsby preview and thought the same thing, Denise!

message 7: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Harris | 40 comments You'll really love Handling Sin. I'm about to re-read it (it's been 12 years--I'm overdue). Pulled it out the other day, and the hero's fortune was something like "you will go completely to pieces by the end of the month"! So funny.

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