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Two Queens

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message 1: by Ikonopeiston (new)

Ikonopeiston (Ikon) | 385 comments It is interesting that Marguerite d'Anjou and Elizabeth Woodville ended their days in oddly similar fashions.

After he ransomed Marguerite from Edward IV, Louis XI made her give up all rights to her father's estate thus reducing her to penury. She spent her remaining years living in retirement, dependent on a small pension from the king.

Likewise, Elizabeth in some way incurred the displeasure of Henry VII and was stripped of her wealth and sent to live in Bermondsey Abbey. She was given, like Marguerite, a small pension and no longer permitted at court.

Life was not easy for strong-willed women in the fifteenth century.

message 2: by Barb (new)

Barb | 145 comments Were they just strong willed? Or were they traitorous conniving wenches?

message 3: by Ikonopeiston (new)

Ikonopeiston (Ikon) | 385 comments Just trying to see them through their own eyes. LOL I read a short biography of Maguerite d'Anjou yesterday which presented her in a totally favourable light. I tell you, I hardly recognized the woman!

Have you heard the story that when Marguerite died, Louis XI demanded her dogs be sent to him at once? He said that was all he was likely to realize from her estate. Hah! Louis liked dogs better than people anyway.

message 4: by Barb (new)

Barb | 145 comments I remember something about those dogs...I think SKP may have included that little factoid in SIS.

Funny, what was the biography?

message 5: by Ikonopeiston (new)

Ikonopeiston (Ikon) | 385 comments I googled Margaret of Anjou and came up with this:

It is quite amusing to read one of her defenders for a change. ;)

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