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message 1: by Erin (new)

Erin | 2 comments Hi, I'm currently not reading any books. And I'm not sure what to read next. I was wondering if anybody had any good recommendations for any books. Thanks!

message 2: by Ben (new)

Ben The Runelord series, The Death Gate Cycle, Wheel of Time series

message 3: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments i luv the death gate cycle!!!!!!!!!! and Crown Duel is also pretty good.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

message 5: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Russell (vigorio) | 8 comments Dark Fantasy anyone???? It's taken me a while but I finally got a blog up and tweaked my book's website. Please check 'em out and comment me. and

As soon as I get a fan base I'll get a publisher so talk it up. Spread the word! I need lots of comments in my guestbook and comments pages.

I have a neat new MySpace, too.

message 6: by Jenna (last edited Jul 15, 2009 09:38PM) (new)

Jenna (authorjejohnson) | 11 comments What kind of fantasy are you into? If you like some romance with your fantasy, try Sharon Shinn and Lois McMaster Bujold (Sharing Knife). If you are a general fantasy fan, you could try out my book. It's aimed at a middle-grade/YA audience, but you could always check it out. Here's the link to the site where you can find out more: The Legend of Oescienne - The Finding

message 8: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (authorjejohnson) | 11 comments Ahh, so vampires :) Have you tried Melanie Nowak? She's one of my friends here on goodreads and she has a series of vampire romances out. I haven't read her first book yet (currently in the mail and on its way). You should check them out.

message 9: by Christina (new)

Christina Harner | 1 comments As a goodreads author, I'd love to have fantasy (especially fairy!) lovers read my book, Behind Every Illusion. It's the first in a YA series about a small group of people who discover they are changing in unusual ways in order to help save the earth from the destruction wrought by humankind. Set in modern day USA. Check out the website ( and promo video (

- Thanks!

PS. Also looking for advice on new books! I think I want to read WINGS.

message 10: by Kevis (last edited Aug 05, 2009 07:00PM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) | 5 comments Here are a few fantasy books that I highly recommend:

-The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass
-The Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
-Elfhunter by C.S. Marks
-Max and the Gatekeeper by James Todd Cochran
-The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien

message 11: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments oh look! i havent read a single one of them... lol

message 12: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) Tamora Pierces Imortals Series: Book 1 Wild Magic
Still my favorite series of all time!

message 13: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments i luv tamora pierce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have you read the other tortal books?

message 14: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Walker (malcolmwalker) If you like Arthurian tales with a contemporary twist and some dark shamanistic magic you could try my new novel, The Stone Crown, and, if you want to try before you buy, there are some short excerpts on my website: Anyway, have fun with whatever you end up reading. As Nick Hornby once said: 'Life's too short to read stuff you don't like.'

message 15: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) Siareen said: "I love tamora pierce! have you read the other tortal books?"

Yes I read the Lioness quartet and both Tricster's Choice and Trickster's Queen! I love all of those books as well!

message 16: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments me too!!!!
ive read the lioness quartet, the immortals serise, protector of the small, both the tricksters books and im starting to read the first beka cooper!!!!

message 17: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) ooh I was considering reading those as well! I started the protector of the small series but I quit reading for some reason.

message 18: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments ooooh. its worth starting them again though!

message 19: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) lol I probably will when I finish all the other 70 some odd books I want to read! ;)

message 20: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) i have way too many books i want/need to read. maybe ill have read all of them by the time im 15

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) I have 80 items on my TBR list and only 11 of those are not fantasy books/series. I am such a fantasy addict.

message 22: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) i have about 300 to-read books

message 23: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) ok you win! Geeze that's an aweful lot!

message 24: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) exactly 379

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) geez and I thought I was a bookworm. I had to revamp my TBR list 4 times.

message 26: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments wow same here. i also basically only read fantsy

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) I have been reading fantasy for 18 years. I read other stuff on occasion but I rather read Fantasy.

message 28: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) i got recomendations and things people said were good books, or ones i found. i read a lot though

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) My first ever fantasy series I read was the Rift War Saga with Magician Apprentice by Raymond E Feist.

message 30: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments i think mine was the faraway tree by enid blyton. i think it counts as fantasy. other then that, harry potter is the book that really got me started on fantsay

message 31: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) I can't pinpoint a specific book, or sereies, that got me into fantasy. I know that I liked the Magic Treehouse Series, and the Jewel Series (oh why can't I think of the name of that series!). But at the same time I was really into animal books, especially Animal Ark!

message 32: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments the jewel series, as in the one about the different jewel princesses?

message 33: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) yeah I think those were the first fantasy books I read by myself. Oh probably when I was 7.

message 34: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments lol. i read them in like third or fourth grade. they were really cute.

message 35: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) hehe yeah

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) Are any of these any good?
Excalibur by Sanders Anne Laubenthal
Merlin's Ring by H. Warner Munn
Unicorn Mountain by Michael Bishop

message 37: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Bradley (bradleygiselle) Try "The Sisters Grimm" they are really good books!

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) well I have to read those for a specific task on the Seasonal Reading Challenge.

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) I just got The Night Angel Trilogy for Christmas. Does anyone know anything about the series? Would anyone recommend it?

message 40: by Siareen (new)

Siareen | 385 comments never heard of it before

The Romance Reviews (Carole) (The_Romance_Reviews) | 2 comments Jayme wrote: "I just got The Night Angel Trilogy for Christmas. Does anyone know anything about the series? Would anyone recommend it?"

Is that by Brent somethiing? I heard it's good. Lucky you. I want those!

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) I don't know. i will have to check

message 43: by Amy (new)

Amy | 1 comments I am not a fan of the Twilight series, but I really did like The Host by Stephanie Meyers.

Have you read EE Knights dragon series? I liked them very well.

message 44: by Jea0126 (last edited Mar 09, 2011 03:27PM) (new)

Jea0126 | 1 comments Jayme(the ghost reader) wrote: "I just got The Night Angel Trilogy for Christmas. Does anyone know anything about the series? Would anyone recommend it?"

It's a really good series. It's an assassin in training to begin with. I've read them all. Now I'm waiting for the new book in his new series to be released to PB.

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