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Books vs. TV

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message 1: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Is the book Pretty Little Liars better then the show Pretty Little Liars?

Monica I tried to get into the show but i had picture the characters differently and couldnt get into it. But i have coworkers who never read the books and love it everyday asking me who is A!

Nessa Lynn Sydney wrote: "Is the book Pretty Little Liars better then the show Pretty Little Liars?"

I am a HUGE fan of the show but somehow I wasn't getting my "fix" so I decided to give the books a try and I think I may like them a bit better than the show. They both are very complimentary to each other, so I would definitely recommend the books.

Stina Nilsson I lo both the tvseries and the books but I think you can't compare the books and the tv-series. They are so different but still not!

Samantha i love the book, dont really like the tv show thow

message 6: by Katia (last edited Jun 25, 2012 10:38AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Katia I love the series and i'm completely addicted to it but i still think that the books are amazing! but you cant compare both because the story in the series is slightly different than the one in the books!

message 7: by Breana (new) - added it

Breana Dixon I want to read the sieres so bad my friend Lauren is in love with this sieres and i plan on reading it and i am in love with the clique sieres right now

Barb I am finished reading the 4th book, Unbelievable, and am reading the 5th book, Wicked. I also watch the TV series... so far there are a lot of inconsistencies, but I think I like both equally.
I do find that lately the TV series based on books have been veering away from the original stories. (examples: Vampire Diaries - LJ Smith, Secret Circle - LJ Smith, Pretty Little Liars - Sara Shepard, The Lying Game - Sara Shepard.)

Gabriela No TV! But books are too great

Hannah Personally, I prefer the books.

Trinity Glover I think the books are better, but the tv is really good 2

message 12: by l (new) - rated it 3 stars

l I'm only up to book three, and I've watched every episode so far, so I'd say that I like them both equally.

Sophie Books are better because it gives more detail than if you watch the series on T.V. Also, it keeps your brain working instead of just watching pictures on a screen.
I vote for books!

Casindra I love the books but I'm also a HUGE fan of the show

Gabrielle What day to new episodes come out?

message 16: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha Harbarcuk The books are better, but I still love the tv show!

Lindsey Conkle Once you read the books, it ruins the show. The books are not only better written but the show leaves the girls with less consequences and the girls seem more ditzy than they are in the books, and the characters are all screwed up especially Jenna and Toby.

message 18: by Jane (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jane I like them both. One thing I prefer about the show though is the personalities of Spencer and Hanna.
In the show Spencer and Hanna are nicer and funnier people but in the books their spoilt mean girls.

Jessica Riga I watched the show before I read the books and I love both equally! They have different story lines, and when I read to books I do picture the tv show actors in the characters places and that dosn't bother me even though it's states that Emily has red hair! The show is great since I love all the outfits they wear! And the actors are all really good looking!

Rabia i have never tried for this show the show keeps me thrilled that i enjoy it i gues..
but is the book really good??.. :/

Jessica Riga Yes! The books are really great! They have really good plot lines and the chapters are short so you're not stuck on one characters for pages and pages at a time if you don't like that particular storyline. They all intertwine but it's still easy to follow. I highly recommend you give the books a try, they're worth it!

message 22: by Evi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Evi Stuyts i both like them. but the books are diffrent than de tv-show so it still looks like your watsching another show than the book. but i still like them both equally

Rabia hmm surely i will give book a try.. :) thanks :)

Colleen They are two distinct stories. I like them both, but the books are more devious, mean, and seriously addicted to fashion. Plus, most of the secondary characters in the books are completely different from the tv show characters. Be sure to watch the show in order, if you're going there.

Rabia i do watch the show but m sure book would be as intrstng as the show and lyk u guys sayng it sound more fun i m going to get it at first thng...

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