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Who is your favorite Character?
Annie Annie Jun 07, 2012 02:04PM
I like Edward but, I also like Alice and Charlie. Charlie is funnny because he is so cluless about everything when it comes to Edward and his relationship with Bella

Jasper and Alice.:]

Werewolves - Jacob beyond compare, love him, all of him
Vampires - Mostly Edward although I find myself become very frustrated with him on many occasions... Love Emmett too
Humans - Bella of course she makes me laugh.

Edward and Bella

Carlisle, Alice, and Seth :)

ALso, I cried during New Moon. Because unlike most people (please don't kill me) but I like Jacob better. He was there when Edward wasn't, he was content even being around Bella but when Edward comes back Bella jumps into his arms like he never did anything to hurt her. I felt bad that Jacob was left there on his own. Although I though it was kinda sick that he imprinted on Remesmee. That was a little weird.

Out of the werewolfs . . . STUPID QUESTION OF COURSE IT'S JACOB!!! Jacob was always their for Bella when Edward was being a dork and was like "I DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE BELLA, YOU'RE NOT RIGHT FOR ME" and he's just all around awesome the only thing he's missing in his life is me! From the vampires my favourite character is Alice - because she's so sweet and kind and like a pixie - or Carlisle because he's also really kind and caring and he'd be an awesome vampire to meet! And out of the humans I would have to say that Charlie is my favourite because he's so funny in a dorky kind of sense yet he's so caring with Bella and I love how he looks at Edward, that is classic!!!

My favorite Character are Isabella Swan Charlie Swan Alice Cullen
Esme Cullen Carlisle Cullen Edward Cullen Jacob Black

Edward and Alice are my favorites.

I liked Alice the most. I agree with Annie that Charlie was also great. Overall, I feel a lot of the characters lacked development. They had so much potential that I wish I was given the chance to know them more/better.

deleted user I loved Alice as well. She was so well developed compared to some of the other supporting characters.
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My favorite character in the books is Edward .. obviously :)

l Jul 24, 2012 02:29AM   0 votes
Emmett & Jasper!

I think Alice, because she knows exactly when to butt her head in when people need it but she respects them and keeps her distance. probably because she can tell the future and all that jazz, but i like her. i never really like bella. sorry, but i find her sort of a whiner and i guess she's going through a lot but she can't just shove her head under a pillow and expect it to go away. she has two great guys fighting for her and she is the most stubborn person i have ever heard of!!!

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P.S. Leah and Seth Clearwater.
P.P.S. Jacob Black.

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I like Bella. I can relate to her a lot. The clumsiness, the curiosity, the stubbornness. I also like Alice cause she relates to me to. The hyperness, the cheerfulness, the visions.((No, I don't get visions, but Ihave a funny way of knowing what'll happen in the future.))

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