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The Blasphemy Tour

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Jass Richards | 4 comments Two Canadian atheists go on a cross-country speaking tour of American Bible Colleges, and oh god, they end up committing all sorts of blasphemies.

Philosophy collides with Stand-up

(In The Road Trip Dialogues, the prequel, Rev and Dylan are charged with blasphemy for adding “‘Blessed are they that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stone.’ Psalms 137:9” to a Right-to-Life billboard just outside Algonquin Park. As a result of a well-publicized court trial, the American Atheist Consortium offers an all-expenses-paid speaking tour of American Bible Colleges. The Blasphemy Tour tells the tale of that tour.)

Available in print and various eformats at the usual online stores.The Blasphemy Tour The Blasphemy Tour by Jass Richards

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Harlowe Pilgrim | 1 comments Great title.

message 3: by Jass (new)

Jass Richards | 4 comments thanks, but now I'm at a bit of a loss for a driving-related title for the third book in the series!

I see your icon, Jesus is Santa - are you familiar with chris wind's "Dear Santa, Our Father" piece?

oops, just clicked on it and see it's vs. not is.

I also see Lamb on your to-read list. I've been reading it for almost a year...rationing it b/c it's so excellent! enjoy!

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Tracy Aiello | 1 comments Lamb is my favorite book of all time, looking forward to other recommendations from the group...

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