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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Beveridge (xterminal) Saw a pretty cool list on IMDB while cruising the other day where a guy had simply rated directors by whom he'd seen more than five films by the average rating he'd given the movies of said director. He had seventy-eight directors on the list.

"Pish-posh," I said to myself, "I will have far more than that!" So I fired up the spreadsheet and sorted by director...and I only have seventy-two. I was kinda stunned by that.

Granted, I used stricter limits (he did "five films or half the director's oeuvre", but since my spreadsheet isn't comprehensive for stuff I haven't seen I only went five films--so folks like Jean Vigo will never make it), but I was stunned that there are only 72 directors I'd seen that much of.

For what it's worth:
Dario Argento
Ingmar Bergman
Kathryn Bigelow
Uwe Boll (it pains me to admit that)
Joon-Ho Bong
Danny Boyle
Robert N. Bradbury
Tod Browning
Luis Bunuel
Tim Burton
James Cameron
John Carpenter
Joel Coen
Larry Cohen
Francis Ford Coppola
Wes Craven
David Cronenberg
Joe D'Amato (I'm even more ashamed to admit that)
Joe Dante
Brian DePalma
Guillermo del Toro
Richard Donner
Clint Eastwood
Abel Ferrara
David Fincher
Oskar Fischinger
Jesus Franco
William Friedkin
Lucio Fulci
Terry Gilliam
Stuart Gordon
Curtis Hanson
Renny Harlin
Werner Herzog
Walter Hill
Alfred hitchcock
Gregory Hoblit
Tobe Hooper
John Hughes
Norman Jewison
Buster Keaton
Takeshi Kitano
Stanley Kramer
Stanley Kubrick
Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Sidney Lumet
David Lynch
Takashi Miike
Hayao Miyazaki
Christopher Nolan
Oxide Pang
Alan Parker
Wolfgang Petersen
Roman Polanski
Sam Raimi
Rob Reiner
Robert Rodriguez
George A. Romero
Joel Schumacher
Martin Scorsese
Tony Scott (how the hell did THAT happen?)
Stephen Soderbergh
Steven Spielberg
Richard Stanley
Oliver Stone
Bela Tarr
Jacques Tourneur
Shinya Tsukamoto
Paul Verhoeven
Billy Wilder
Robert Wise
Robert Zemeckis

I'll have average ratings for them as soon as I get my wife to teach me how to do averages on subtotals in spreadsheets...

message 2: by Phillip (new)

Phillip | 10549 comments that's a trippy list of yours ... no akira kurosawa? no fellini, mizoguchi, donen, wilder, hawks, or john ford? there be a dark streak here, my boy. i suggest more wonder bread, and much more cheerios.

message 3: by Julie (last edited Aug 03, 2014 11:08PM) (new)

Julie (brontesister) | 901 comments Only one female director?

message 4: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) definitely a dubious list; but its "his list" so that part is hard to quibble with.

I'm more interested in attack/defense of the method; and what does it prove?

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