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message 1: by Janine (new)

Janine (mrsgoldensun) | 11 comments I just finished reading The Serpents Shadow and cannnot help but wonder if we are going to see these characters again in the Heros of Olympus series. I think we might because of this line "I see murky visions of other gods and rival magic"(p390). I really think Riordan is hinting that we might see them in Heros of Olympus. Did anyone else think this too or do you think he is just setting up for another series with the Kanes?

message 2: by Areana (new)

Areana (prettiiariij3) | 41 comments The heroes of olympics id Greek Mythology not Egyptian mythology

message 3: by Areana (new)

Areana (prettiiariij3) | 41 comments different series

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