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What did Ray Bradbury mean to you?

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Scott A Social Commentator, Sci-fi visionary, and all around fanastic writer leaves us behind this week. I envied his style and courage, both given to him in greater measure than most men deserve, and even fewer possess.

Patrick Fahrenheit 451 has been one of my favorite books since I first read it. I confess to not reading much other Bradbury, but his mastery was evident in the two books that I did read. He was able to have such strong thematic ideas in a simple science fiction story that has arguably never been duplicated.

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Iain Coggins I grew up reading and loving Bradbury. He is truly one of my favorite, favorite writers. I read so many of his short stories, many of his collections thereof, but by far The Martian Chronicles is my favorite book. Of course I have read Fahrenheit 451, and taught it a number of times to my middle school students. I feel this book has some weaknesses,especially toward the end. It is one of his early novels. Curiously, and very unusually Francois Truffaut improved the narrative in his 1966 film of the book. In any case, I was not surprised at Bradbury's death. I have been awaiting it for years, consoling myself by the fact that I have the fortune to have lived during his lifetime, and that he molded my outlook on life and inspired my own writing. When a great man or woman dies we must ask ourselves how we are going to respond. How are we going to strive to give our best to the world in keeping with his/her spirit? Certainly I am asking myself this question in regards to Bradbury.

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John Wood Ray Bradbury sparked a love of SciFi when I was in my teens and has taken me on many interesting and thought provoking journeys ever since. Ray provides many wonderful tales for all of us short story lovers as well as his longer gems. I am so indebted to him for all that he has done to strengthen my brain and make me a better person. RIP Ray Bradbury! Is Heaven really on Mars as a friend of mine once speculated?

Dorothy I heard Bradbury speak to a small group at the Scottsdale Center for the arts many years ago when I was a struggling writer. He made me realize that his life was not so different from mine. He had done a lot of different things and was always learning from them. His big message to any writer or even anyone who goes to work at another job, was to get up every day and go to work. Do the best you can and then start over again the next day. Persistence pays off. So does self-discipline. I thought of him as one of my writing inspirations. He will be missed.

Melinda Mr. Bradbury was a genius and a master. He was the first to spark a love of Sci-fi and Fantasy in me. His books were full of depth and creativity and storytelling like no other. He was an amazing speaker and I was privileged to hear him many times (I am from So Cal and he lived about 30 minutes from where I am, so I was able to hear him at the local library) and he always made time for his fans and spoke with anyone who wanted to speak to him. I feel I am lucky to have lived in his lifetime because I was able to meet and learn directly from him. He once said in an interview that he wanted to be burred on Mars in a Cambell's soup can....I hope he is someday....it would be completely appropriate!

Scott Thank you all for your thoughtful and inspiring comments. I posted this chat because there are few authors who have had the ability and talent to transcend the lofty goal of storytelling to instill in his readers awe and curiosity. His life work was nothing less than amazing. Yet the mainsteam news outlets gave him less time than a local traffic accident. I just couldn't leave it at that. Thanks again!

Shelley He meant to me that a writer can write for a lifetime.

Shelley, Rain: A Dust Bowl Story

Alfred Searls Reading Fahrenheit 451 and the Martian Chronicles was a revelation to me. For me Ray Bradbury opened the door to thinking and writing in a different way and his books are a beautiful gift to all those who love literature. And for that I’ll be eternally grateful.

Thank you Ray.

Kendyl I read him for the first time when a friend suggested I read Fahrenheit 451. I had never read Bradbury before and have to admit that I had my doubts, but I read it and I'm really glad I did because now it is one of my favorite novels. Having never been interested in Sci-Fi before, I'm eager to read all of his other novels. Ray Bradbury is a beautiful writer and has given me a different view of the world. It's hard knowing that there are very few genius writers left in the world as today it's all about love triangles between depressing, monotone teenagers and erotic novels. I feel like people are missing the entire point of why books were invented in the first place and feel as if everyone is taking advangtage of writing. Sorry, this short memory of Ray Bradbury has got me rambling. I can't wait to start reading the Martian Chronicles and will read them to the memory of every great litary genius, especially Ray.

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Zora I experienced pleasant entertainment from Bradbury when I was a teen. The atmosphere of Something Wicked This Way Comes was particularly impressive.

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Adam Bender His writing is some of the most imaginative and yet topical that I've ever read. He was a master at writing "sci-fi" that actually made a statement about current issues. And what a work ethic!

His work, especially Fahrenheit 451, was a great influence on my own novel, We, The Watched.

Aaron Smith Ray Bradbury was perhaps the first writer whose work really impressed upon me the fact that mood and atmosphere can be just as important to a story as the events that occur in the story. I can't even list all the Bradbury stories that I've read and loved, but that lesson is perhaps the most important thing I learned from his work.

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Dani Harper I grew up reading Ray Bradbury novels and anthologies (R is for Rocket and S is for Space are two of my favs). I can honestly say he inspired me to be a writer. I have several of his books on my shelves right now, including a signed copy that means a lot to me.

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Rene Ray Bradbury meant Science Fiction turned reality. Most of my students wear their earbuds (seashells from Fahrenheit 451) to do exactly what he talked about, avoid each other, and most own TVs the sizes of walls.
Ray will be greatly missed.

Scott Aaron wrote: "Ray Bradbury was perhaps the first writer whose work really impressed upon me the fact that mood and atmosphere can be just as important to a story as the events that occur in the story. I can't ev..."

So true Aaron. Anyone who wan't a great example, read "the Holloween Tree", a short story by Bradbury that evokes a mood through his language and cadence. Purely aestethic, the story line is almost an afterthought!

Patricia Ray Bradbury gave hope to my life. I read "The Golden Apples of the Sun" when I was 12 - a few months after my dad passed away. "North," murmured the captain. "North."

Zachary This book made me think about how all the little changes in the world that no one thinks about can lead to monstrous things.

James i read my first bradbury book Dandelion wine when i was just a kid and it thrilled me. it was one of hundreds of books laying around at my great granfathers house in bradley beach new jersey. next came everything else he wrote. then issac asimove and peter benchley, then anything i could get my hands on. but ray bradbury was always the on i went back to to remember what summer felt like both in bradley beach and in his books.

James damn, please forgive my keyboarding tonight.

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Lee Widener I grew up in the Midwest, in a time that seems so much simpler, and hopeful, just as Bradbury did. I related to him on this level. Something Wicked This Way Comes spoke to me on a very deep, personal level. I considered my father a weak, failed individual. I wanted to run away and join the circus.

As I grew older, reading all of his work, I found so much to relate to, so much wisdom in his words. He was my favorite writer, by far, and his passing was so sad to me.

No matter what happened, Ray Bradbury maintained hope in humanity.

Currer Jean Everything. My art was never as free as it was after I read Farenheit. I knew that that book gave me a since of power over my art and an honesty filled me that has stuck with my writing ever since. He never sacrificed and he was just amazign at making you believe anything. The world lost a literary rebel and free thinkign but not truly, one's words always live on.

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