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message 1: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare | 26 comments Mod
My name is Nyghtmare and I am the founder of this group. I am a horror writer and love dark romance. Which is why I created this group.

message 2: by Ily (new)

Ily Goyanes (realily) | 5 comments Hi,

I'm an editor/publisher/writer and I'm into some pretty dark shit, lol.

Thanks for inviting me to join the group. I look forward to chatting with others who share the darkness.

Nyghtmare, since you're a horror writer why don't you check out my publishing house's call for submissions? We're putting together a horror anthology right now:


message 4: by Ily (new)

Ily Goyanes (realily) | 5 comments Ack! I pasted the wrong link. Here you go:

message 5: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena HEY!

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