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The large room contains six beds for Order members and guests.

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James walked down a hallway until he found a random door. He walked in and found himself in the spare bedroom. The beds looked extremely comfortable, so he decided to rest in down. He tore his shirt, and shoes off, and climbed under the covers of a bed that was covered in darkness. No light from the windows or door shed on it, so he was able to rest without distraction. He closed his eyes and let out a breath.

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While he was resting he pulled out the small ring from his pocket, examining it closely, like he had every hour for the past month. Where was she, he wondered, knitting his eyebrows. She had to be somewhere, but no matter how hard he looked, she was gone.

He let out a loud breath, and stood, walking to the window. He undid the latch, and opened the pane wide, letting the breeze tickle his face. He ignored it and pcoketed the ring again, hoping he'd find her soon.
He walked out.

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