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Several desks, office chairs, and filing cabinets fill the small room, where the Order of the Phoenix Council members conduct their work.

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Rhode entered the office and opened his owls cage, which was placed on one of the desk. The bird hopped out and fondly nipped his hand. After saying hello to his bird, rummaged around for a quill, a bottle of secret ink and piece of parchment. Finding the supplies he needed, he seated himself at a desk and the tip of his quill flew across the page.

His father and Damon had often sent each other letters using Secret Ink when theu were younger, so Rhode knew Damon would be able to read the letter.

A few minutes later, the letter read:

'Dear Damon

We've had new that you have joined the Death Eaters. While this may be entirely true, we know you must have some other motive for joing their ranks.

We are all part of an oranisation I know you are familliar with. The Order of the Pheonix. Dad, who is head of Foreign Affairs, along with the rest of the order wants to meet with you to discuss the Death Eaters plans and so forth.

It would also require you, if you'd be willing, to swear an oath of fealty to the Order, I know you've probably sworn an oath to the Death Eaters as well, but we'll work around that.

Please get back as soon as possible, so we can organise a meeting place.

Dad and Mum, along with the rest of the family, send their regards.

Hope you're alright.

Yours truly,

PS. Give Kyrie a token so I know you've received this letter and it hasn't bee intercepted.'

As he wrote, the ink faded, becoming invisible. He closed the bottle of ink and rolled the parchment up and tied it to the leg of his owl, Kyrie.
"Take it to Damon."
Opening a window, he let Kyrie fly out to carry it to Damon.

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Naomi (naomihp) | 478 comments Fleur waltzes into the room, and daintily sits down on her chair. She starts to write a letter to her mother, about what she has worn in the past week, and about her children.

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