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message 1: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (naomihp) | 478 comments Fleur slowly walked out to the balcony, enjoying the fresh air and deeply missing her children. Most people viewed her as a strict and expectant mother, but she loved her children very much, even though sometimes it was hard to tell.

message 2: by Isadore (last edited Jul 10, 2012 02:52AM) (new)

Isadore (IsadoreMoniqueEngrie) | 79 comments "Wotcher Fleur. Say, what are you doing out here?" Tonks stepped out onto the balcony and knocked over a silver ornament shaped like a gargoyle. "Whoops-a-daisy! Don't worry Ph-- Fleur, I'll fix it." She waved her wand with a flourish. The gargoyle turned into an angel and Tonks propped it back on its stand. "Looks much better."

message 3: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (naomihp) | 478 comments "Ah, 'ello Tonks. I am not sure what I am doing exactly out 'ere,
But eet is a nice day." she said, very calmly, sounding more like a preacher than herself. "what are you doing?"

message 4: by Isadore (new)

Isadore (IsadoreMoniqueEngrie) | 79 comments "Me? Uh just..." She trailed off uncomfortably. "Well, I'm having issues."

message 5: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (naomihp) | 478 comments "Oh, I am sorry," Fleur said thoughtfully. "A bad day, per'aps?"

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