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I hate seeing food advertised on the side of strip clubs.

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Spaghetti Pig Out! All You Can Eat!

Babyback Ribs 1.99!

Dancers! Dancers! Dancers!

Twofer Taco Tuesday!

Please bring your obese self in here at 10 am and eat spaghetti while girls with stretch marks and track marks shake their fannies at you!

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The spaghetti pig out was on the strip club previously owned by a student's daddy. He no longer owns it because he died. Before he died, though, he did tell his 3rd grader that he wished Miss Montambo would take off her glasses and take down her bun and go "ROWR!!"

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Student: "Do you remember my dad?"

Me: "Yes, I am sorry he died."

Student: "He thought you were hot."

Me: "What?"

Student: "He said, 'I wish your librarian would take her hair down and take off her glasses and go "RAWR!"'"

Me: "Oh, he's silly. I mean, he was silly."

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I thought that was JR's dad that drove into someone's house ina police chase?

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I hate the world.

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Um...boobs and metal?

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This morning, his little brother checked out The Star Wars Visual Dictionary.

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Yeah, KD. You know what you need? Spaghetti pig out!!!!

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Dave Russell This place in San Diego offers free cheeseburgers between 12 and 2 o'clock, but I've never taken them up on their kind offer. I've never been to a strip club.

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Dave Russell Wow, that guy looks really helpful.

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You've never been to a strip club, Dave?! ♥ I wish I hadn't.

message 13: by Dave (new)

Dave Russell I think that it would just make me feel pathetic.

Was it a male strip club? If not, please elaborate...

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I've been to gay (male) strip clubs. I'm more depressed by the girls I see in movies, though.

I know Charissa isn't going to like this! I can't help it!

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P.S. That drunked tattooed skate boarder would have probably showed us a great time, spoil sport!

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And then they'll toss us in the river.

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I meant after.

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Dave: If you mean that one that's off the 163, my friend Valerie used to work there.

Montambo: Don't let that kid fool you, you just tell him you'd do it in a heartbeat but you're scared his dad would come back to life & beat him for telling lies.

Dave: Don't bother stopping by & saying 'hi' though she's dead.

Montambo: Which neatly solves your problem with "Well gosh that's a mighty flattering! But Mr. Steve has someone for your dad to meet who he's going to have a lot more in common with" *Sorry Valerie!*

message 21: by Dave (new)

Dave Russell That's the one. Hm, small world.

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