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message 1: by Adrian (new)

Adrian | 253 comments I believe some of you can do better.

Better Book Titles

message 2: by Brock (new)

Brock (singslikehell)

message 3: by Adrian (new)

Adrian | 253 comments I'm Ayn Rand and I approve this message.

message 4: by Jonathan, the skipper (new)

Jonathan | 609 comments Mod
REM is the answer!. . . you'll appreciate this, adrian:

message 5: by Adrian (new)

Adrian | 253 comments Ha! These are so cool. But I wouldn't want some of them wasted on the likes of James Patterson or Nicholas Sparks. I can absolutely imagine a novel entitled Oddfellows Local 151 by the unique R.A. Lafferty. He was always writing about eccentrics & secret societies.

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