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message 1: by Andy (new)

Andy | 134 comments What do you think: genius, visionary or snake oil salesman?

message 2: by Chris, Founder (new)

Chris (cfelix) | 67 comments Mod
I haven't gotten a chance to read much of anything. However, I am reading about Xerox PARC for a college class. The people at PARC created some of the most innovative things. Some of these are Ethernet and even one of the first personal computers.

I'm not sure if it's in the book, but I'm sure it probably is. The tour of PARC where he was astonished by the computer's user interface and smooth scrolling? Anyway, I have read a little about Steve Jobs and it does make me want to read this book a lot more now.

message 3: by Andy (new)

Andy | 134 comments If you want to read it for free there is a pdf version that's available on line - just Google it.

message 4: by Andy (new)

Andy | 134 comments A good biography about the fine line between genius and madness that was Steve Jobs, maybe losing one star for too much boardroom info and too little about his role at Pixar.

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