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message 1: by Earl (last edited Jan 08, 2009 07:40AM) (new)

Earl (read_for_entertainment) | 375 comments I saw Valkyrie yesterday matinee.
I usually avoid docu-dramas, but I liked this one pretty well. I was put off by Tom Cruise at first, I guess you expect him to be the wise-guy smart-alec from his previous roles, or something. And, at the beginning my $4000 hearing aids couldn't decipher his dialogue (common problem of mine) but as the film wore on it seemed I could hear a bit better. (I'd still prefer captions on my tv at home). I certainly liked the film well enough to recommend. The theater (Regal Aviation Mall) was only about one-quarter full and I had a row to myself.

To spread a little more good cheer: tv show Damages (Glenn Close) is back on FX tonight Wed 10pm, the Post Star listings didn't see fit to label it New, but it is.
Edit: I think Tom Cruise did a great job in this role. It was just strange, at first, to see him playing a character that I'm not used to seeing him doing. I really don't give a damn what actors do in their spare time.

message 2: by Joy H., Group Founder (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments Hi Earl. Thanks for the recommendation. I see that the plot of the movie is based on a real-life attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The assassination plan was called "Operation Valkyrie".

The word "Valyrie" seemed very familiar to me. At Wiki I found a page telling how many different ways the word has been used.

I learned that Valkyries are minor female deities in Norse mythology that choose the most heroic of those who have died in battle and carry them off to Valhalla.

Also, the Valkyrie, was the English title of an opera by Richard Wagner.

For other ways the word has been used, see the Wiki page at: ====>

Thanks, Earl, for the link to the Roger Ebert review.

A list of other reviews is here: ====>

message 3: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckymurr) Thanks for the review-my husband wants to see it & I would go with him. I too have been turned off by Tom Cruise & I think that may have hurt this film because I have heard good things about it but everyone I talk to has wrinkled their noses because of Tom-that's a shame because at one time I enjoyed his acting.....

message 4: by Joy H., Group Founder (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments Life has its ups and downs... that's for sure.

message 5: by Jackie (last edited Jan 08, 2009 07:31AM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4050 comments Tom Cruise is still a good actor, all that negative publicity may be why we don't like him anymore. When I saw him jumping up and down on the couch on Oprah, I thought he was insane. And then his debate over psychology, post partum depression (as if HE'D ever know) just turned me off.
I recently saw Tropic Thunder. I'm not one for so-called comedies. I love Robert Downey Jr. and had to see it. Tom Cruise has a minor role in it. I didn't know he was in it at all. It was probably better left that way because of his negative publicity. He was good in it, a totally different role for him that I can appreciate and funny too.
Valkyrie looks good and I'm not going to let my opinion of TC keep me from seeing it. But I will wait for it on DVD.

I try not to let my dislike for an actor/-ess prevent me from seeing a movie that seems interesting. My husband does, if he doesn't like an actor/-ess he won't watch the movie. He misses a lot of good movies that way.

I watched 'The Women' two days ago. Not normally my kind of movie but with all all star female cast, how could I pass that up? It was good, I enjoyed it.
It was interesting in the way it was filmed, there weren't even men in the background, truly an all female cast. And what a cast it was, Meg Ryan, Annette Benning, Jada Pinkett Smith, Debra Messing, Candice Bergan, Better Midler, Eva Mendez, Cloris Leachman...

Last night Eric and I watched 'Babylon A.D.'
Starring Vin Diesel, action packed. Typical for Diesel's movies. We liked it, but we do enjoy out action, sci-fi, futuristic type movies.

message 6: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckymurr) Jackie-I too try not to let my dislike for an actor cloud my judgment for a movie. I just don't like Russell Crowe, I can't explain why but every movie I have ever seen of his-I love & I think he is a wonderful actor.

I will put The Women on my netflix list....

message 7: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4050 comments I feel the same way about him, love the Gladiator movie but everytime I see him in an interview as himself, I can't stand him. What an arrogant narcissistic fool! He acts like he's so irresistably hot and that is a major turn off to me, LOL
I thought Master and Commander was boring, too slow, but he's good in everything else I've seen him in. To be fair, it wasn't his fault that M & C was slow.

message 8: by Joy H., Group Founder (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments Have you seen the original 1939 movie, "The Women"? It was great, with a great cast. After seeing that, I don't think I'd enjoy the modern version. Here's an excellent video clip showing scenes from the 1939 movie: ====>

I've always loved Rosalind Russell.

message 9: by Joy H., Group Founder (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments Jackie wrote (about Russell Crowe): "What an arrogant narcissistic fool!"

I don't like him either, for that very reason.

message 10: by Joy H., Group Founder (last edited Jan 08, 2009 05:08PM) (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments Ooops! I just watched a clip of the 2008 version of "The Women". I see that it's very different from the 1939 version. So even though it has the same name, it's been updated and is nothing like the 1939 version. Some of the themes are the same, but... wow ... have times changed! (g)

You're right, Jackie, great cast!

The clip of the 2008 "Women" is here: ====>

message 11: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckymurr) A Good Year was the turning point for me in watching Russell Crowe movies...

& I agree with this!!!
"What an arrogant narcissistic fool!"

message 12: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4050 comments That's so funny we all agree. Maybe he should pay attention to what women really think, instead of what his inflated ego needs. Someone might even like him...LOL

Joy, I didn't see the old one, but I knew it was a remake. There's a scene where Meg Ryan is talking to her mother (Candice Bergen) and she says "What do you think this is, a 1930s movie", I thought that was a great nod to the original film.

Russell Crowe did an excellent job in A Beautiful Mind. But I was in a hissy fit because it won best picture for the Oscars when Fellowship of The Ring was up. Fellowship was a much better movie. So I wouldn't watch A Beautiful Mind for quite a while, LOL, my moment of protest.

message 13: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckymurr) Joy & Jackie-I saw this article today & thought of our conversation on here & laughed....Nothing to do with Valkerie but Russell Crowe!!!

January 10, 2009 --

RUSSELL Crowe is throwing his considerable weight around the pre-production of "Nottingham," telling producers to get a new director, demanding script rewrites and, now, forcing Sienna Miller out of the flick.

Miller, who was to play Maid Marian, left the movie yesterday after being "put on hold" while shooting was pushed back from February to April.

An insider said, "It is a mess. Russell never lost the weight he put on for 'Body of Evidence' - and so the love scenes between him and Sienna would have been laughable. He's so old and fat and she's so young and gorgeous. It's just . . . gross."

Word in Hollywood is that producers are "looking for an older, plumper actress to play the role so [Crowe:] doesn't look like a paunchy grandpa. Someone in her late 30s or early 40s." A rep for Miller - who's said to be "fine" and "about to sign onto two other movies" - declined to comment.

Crowe, who plays both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood, is trying to lose the lard. One producer who said Crowe has to shed 35 pounds cracked, "We can't have Robin Hood looking more like Friar Tuck."

The Oscar-winner has demanded serious script rewrites. "Originally the movie was about a love triangle between Maid Marian, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham," our tipster said. "It is now all about Russell's Robin Hood. Literally, 40 pages of script were redone and now are just devoted to him and his massive ego. It's amazing."

Despite studio denials, we hear Crowe is trying to get director Ridley Scott fired. Calls were made to several prominent directors over the holidays to find a replacement. "All of this was done behind Ridley's back," the insider said. "He has no idea."

A studio rep acknowledged that Miller was "released" but flatly denied "these rumors" and said, " 'Nottingham' is moving ahead with Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott."

message 14: by Joy H., Group Founder (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments That's quite an interesting turn of events, Becky. I googled and found more about this:

Sienna Millier is referred to as "Sluttyiena Miller" in one of the articles.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in Hollywood gossip. (g) Of course, in the end, it will bring out a larger audience.

message 15: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4050 comments I've seen a few great Robin Hood series and movies, I think RC will ruin my mind-vision of Robin Hood if I see him playing Robin. Yuck!
That's pretty nasty, who does his think he is?

message 16: by Joy H., Group Founder (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments I'm afraid my idea of Robin Hood is still Errol Flynn! LOL ====>

Below is the IMDb movie page for the 1938 film:

I was only 4 years old, but somehow he made a lasting impression. (g)

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