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Earth’s newest immigrants are a group of aliens called the Givers. The aliens live to serve, and anyone under their care is given food, shelter and clothing, all for free. Soon no one works, and everyone on earth is completely dependant on the Givers. The Givers begin to attach rules to their service: no staying out late, no drinking or smoking, no overeating, no reading, no criticizing the Givers… As the Givers become increasingly strict, earth becomes one giant prison. There is a small group of people that never gave into the Givers, and now they are trying to find a way to free Earth from their ever tightening grip.

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Sweet! Thanks 8D so how many characters can you manage in a rp?

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A lot. xD
There was one... (it was over a whole group though) and it had about... 10 characters, all rp-ing with completely different people. So I should be able to handle a few here.

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Lolol, I can handle about five to maybe seven, but then i get too scatter brained so I try to just keep to two to three.

I was thinking for this, we would each have a Giver, a person under the care of a Giver, and a person in the rebellion. So three each? We can add more as we go along? 8)

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Sure!! xD
How much detail do you like?

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Um for character bios, I normally do simple ones and expand later into the rp. For RP posts, at least a paragraph per post- 3-4 sentences minimum...

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XD Just the way I like it. xD
Okay, so what do the Giver's look like?

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Hm, like your typical alien, but light blue because blue is a calming color. But they would be able to change their appearance to look human, which would help them kind of just blend in and look normal enough for the humans to trust them.

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I really want to post anime pics, since it's a 1 x 1 is there absolutely no chance at all we can't post them?

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Uhhhhhhhhh, I'm not opposed to anime pictures. Is it a rule we can't put anime pics?

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It is for the main rp...

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Well, this is a 1x1...not the main one...

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YAY!!! Okay... sooo...

Name: James Alois
Age: 22(even though he looks a lot younger.)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: http://gargarstegosaurus.files.wordpr...
Side: Givers

Name: Tyson Phantomhive
Age: 21
Gender: male
Species: Human
Side: Rebels

Name: Cystelle Michealis
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Species: Giver
Side: Givers

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o.O You tharr?

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