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message 1: by Michael (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:06PM) (new)

Michael | 13 comments If you have not seen beowulf in 3D yet, you're completely missing out. It's amazing.

Drop whatever you are doing right now and go see it in 3D.

message 2: by Alison (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:08PM) (new)

Alison Michael, I really would like to see this, but I doubt I'll get the chance. It sounded kind of fun, to me.

message 3: by Sarah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:08PM) (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) No desire, whatsoever, to see the butchering of this classic. Angelina Jolie as a sexy Grendel's mother is just wrong.

message 4: by Alison (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:09PM) (new)

Alison I can see both sides of this coin.

Yes, it is troubling to think that the primary group of movie-goers putting out money to see movies (what are we up to now, Generation "Y", "Z"?) right now must be enticed with video game-esque graphics and tantalized with Angelina Jolie's naked cartoon boobies in order to watch an adaptation of the ages old, Lit-class favorite "Beowulf."

On the other hand, I think if someone has worked hard enough in Hollywood to generate the funds that it takes to put out a movie like this, and they want to re-tell it in their own experiemental way, as they see it in their imagination, butcher away! I mean, Beowulf is a classic, but it's stale. How many people out there have it on their "read" list? I did read parts of it in school, but did not feel inclined to put it on my list as I don't remember it having much of an impact on me as others that I read in school did such as Romeo & Juliet or Great Expectations. Maybe it needed a little jazzing up. I think it depends on the viewer and what they're willing to buy into. No, Marie Antoinette didn't wear pink Chuck Taylors, but that movie worked for me...I actually own it because I thought it was stylish and fun (and made me nostalgic for growing up in the 80's and because I feel like if I could meet Sofia Coppola we'd be friends :>). And Hamlet didn't walk the streets of Manhattan waxing poetic, either, but Hamlet's been done to death, so why not a fresh twist?

I think ultimately it's up to the viewer to decide how far they're willing to suspend disbelief in the name of escapism.

message 5: by Fostergrants (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:10PM) (new)

Fostergrants i was going to stay out of this one because i so recently joined the group and didn't want to butt in but it seems like so much fun. i agree with both sarah and alison on this point.

seeing angelina's name in beowulf seemed desperate to me (although i will admit to absolutely enjoying video game-esque graphics and angelina's naked cartoon boobies) but on the plus side, as sarah points out...things may need a fresh twist.

i was bored by reading hamlet and never finished it until i saw the much younger mel gibson in it and then i read it again and enjoyed it. however tacky - it worked.

we here are readers, so we're aware of books before movies...but for so many people who don't have time to read, or perhaps lack the access to literature or education, a movie will expose them to a story they never would have experienced otherwise. there are people everywhere who had never even heard the word 'beowulf' who are now googling it and learning and maybe even buying the book version, because of this movie.

if my kid gets up from playing xbox to see this beowulf movie with his 15 year old peers, it's going to bring him closer to really enjoying literature than if a stodgy professor makes him read it for a book report - he'll flip through briefly, get a c and then forget the story completely.

and thank you alison for making me nostalgic for the 80's and my pink chucks, which i still have somewhere...

message 6: by Jim (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:13PM) (new)

Jim | 45 comments I would love to see the new screen technology but I wouldn't and won't go to Beowulf in 3D unless it's good or under other circumstances discussed below.

Whether they butchered the classic or not, I wouldn't know because I read it so long ago. I don't remember the particulars that well.

On the other hand, I might go if some of my techie friends wanted to go unless I wanted to stay home and read Beowulf again.

I think it would be fun to hear them get excited about the technology or tell me why it's no big advance/deal.

Also one of my techie friends has a very attractive techie friend who looks pretty good and in some ways better to me than Angelina Jolie
who I think looks pretty good if you like that kind of a look.

Any way if she were going, I'd go for sure. I would suspend my critical judgement about the movie version.

I guess I could tell her how upset I was about how they butchered Beowulf and see if she would try to console me or at least want to get to know me better since she would think I read classics all the time.

I realize my contribution to this discussion isn't much, as intellectually rigorous as earlier posts or as optimistic as Alison's.

However if everyone were the same, I'm sure the amount of boredom people experience would increase exponentially. I don't think the end result would be good.

I don't really remember the last time I was ever bored but if everybody were the same, I'm sure I would get bored pretty fast.

The only people who wouldn't get bored would be the narcissits (sp?) as long as everybody were like them.

Have a good weekend.

message 7: by Michael (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:15PM) (new)

Michael | 13 comments Okay. By itself, the movie is about a six. Ray Winstone is good as Beowulf, and Malkovich and Angelina are alright. The script is decent.

Yes, the story is kinda trite..
Yes, its a hollywoodized version of a classic..
Yes, it has it's flaws.

Yet, In 3D, and especially in 3D IMAX, this movie is AWESOME. Every scene will literally knock you off your seat, and action will come from all sides of you. It's not even like going to see a movie. It's more like an interactive experience. I'm not that excited to see it as a rental eventually, but I certainly want to see it again in 3D. You really have no idea. Even the trailers are in 3D. I think there was even a Brendon Fraser movie trailer in 3D. LOL

If you can, go see it at the arclight and have a few beers at the bars first. 3D is always better when you are trashed.

message 8: by Alison (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:16PM) (new)

Alison Jim, that scenario was right out of Seinfeld. Jerry goes to see Beowulf in 3D because hot acquaintence of techie friend will be there. Then proceeds to put moves on hot girl by pretending that his heart is broken due to Beowulf not being true enough to the original (which of course, Jerry has never read). And of course Kramer or George would have to be in line waiting to see it as well, in full-out medieval attire (just go with me on medieval...I'm not looking up the time frame of Beowulf).

Michael, that's the first movie commentary I've ever read that recommends getting trashed before you see the film. But thanks for the tip. I still want to see this!

message 9: by Jim (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:17PM) (new)

Jim | 45 comments Why am I a nut?
Thought analysis was pretty good and complete.
I did read Beowulf but don't remember much. As my Daughter always tells me when I say what it was like when I did something in my remote past, "Dad that was a long time ago."
I guess I'm not the only one who watches Seinfield reruns although Michael Richard's racist rant makes me pause when he's in the picture.
He should have gone on to directing/producing or something. Obviously his life hasn't panned out for quite a while.

How many racists does it take to change a light bulb?

None, they don't want to be enlightened.

message 10: by Alison (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:17PM) (new)

Alison Jim, your analysis was thoughtful and interesting as always, but you made me laugh regarding "suspending your critical judgement" for the chance to see it with a cute girl. Hence, the smiley face :). I never used those until on GoodReads, but I use them now so that my tone will be light & joking when appropriate rather than serious. It's very hard to translate tone across the internet, I've found. :(
Seinfeld changed the way I look at life. As did Saturday Night Live. Now, when I'm in a ridiculously absurd situation, I think to myself..."This could be a Saturday Night Live skit" and it comforts me.

I just watched the latest Grey's Anatomy on the TIVO last night (totally off track), and I thought it was a great episode (am I losing validity here? Did I have any to begin with?). But one very shocking line was when Dr. Bailey had to work extra late to save the life of a white supremacist and when George seems him post-op, he says something to the effect of ..."since we're sharing beliefs, I think if she had let you die, the world would be a better place." And my jaw was on the floor. Great line & great delivery. I was watching it alone at like 2 am and I couldn't turn to someone and say, "Did you hear that?" So, I felt the need to share. :)

message 11: by Jim (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new)

Jim | 45 comments Alison what are u doing up at 2am?
Don't you have to guide/transport/feed/help with homework the next day? (smiley face)

Check out SNL - I,ve seen it a few times lately and it's been pretty good in my opinion. (pleasently-surprized face)

Finally Alison if you got more sleep, maybe you could tell me whether Tosh is being serious or not in some of his posts or maybe you could just tell me what he means half the time. I do learn a lot from him although I still haven't googled what Kimley was referring to when she said he looked like or was some "otaku." Whatever that means? (1/2 serious//1/2 smiley face)

I told you about book I'm going to get for my Daughter and x-step-daughter called 30,000 Years of Art - it was $50 but now it's $40 which upsets me.

I was going to go in and see if I could negotiate the original price of $50 down to $40 but how am I going to get my negotiating skills a little workout now. (sad face)

I almost feel sorry for retailers this year. (ironic face)

Also the hot techie chick had a boy friend. (what-was-I-thinking face)

Well I have to go to work and restore depleted funds after buying ex-step-daughter (anybody know a better term to use when you no longer are legally related to someone but want the best for a really good kid.(curious face)) the IPOD TOUCH.
(broke face)

It is really beautiful and you can get on the Internet fast and don't have to pay extra since all you are doing is accessing your ISP which you already are paying for.(amazed face)

Bought the 16GB model -was told 250 photos and 1 hour video each take up 1GB - Tosh is that right?

Kimley - do "otakus" know much about Apple products. (just kidding face)

Well have to go to work and then see Daughter's basketball game where I get the pleasure of my ex-wife's company. (not-looking-forward-to-that- pleasure face).

Every one have a great day.(Sorry-I-have-to-go-face)

Hopefully there aren't too many of you out there who have glad-he-has-to-go-to-work face.


message 12: by Arctic (new)

Arctic >"since we're sharing beliefs, I think if she had let you die, the world would be a better place."

just have to say, i had the same reaction to this. really good line, i agree.

haven't seen beowulf. would see it in 3d if i could, but i can't.

message 13: by Alison (last edited Dec 16, 2007 03:03AM) (new)

Alison Jim: Being up at 2 am is the blessing/curse that comes with working nights. The curse being there are a lot of times I want to be asleep but am awake, and the blessing being that there are a lot of times when I would normally be sleeping that I can devote to clearing out my TIVO, reading, watching movies, etc. uninterupted.

I feel your pain. I, too, am sporting the broke face.

There are many comments in this group that go over my head as well, but the beauty of this situation is that you can sit back, quietly, and pretend you get it.

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