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who's background story is the best
Arianna Arianna Jun 06, 2012 01:21PM
i like jaspers a lot

I thought it was between Jasper and Rosalie. They both had so much to lose, though I think Rosalie's was a little tiny bit selfish. But Jasper's was all about being noble and everything. But they're both good backstories.
Besides if they went too deeply into the backlives of the other characters, it might have drawn away from everything else. I think it was pretty good how SM did it.

I personally liked Rosalies's backstory the best.

I always thought Jasper's was cooler than Rosalie's. Maybe that's just because I do not really like Rosalie as much. I think she may be a tad misunderstood, but I still think Jasper's tied in with the story more and I like it. Well not really liked it, but you get what I mean. Bree's was good too. It was sad and good and weird and interesting.

i really liked rosalie's i dont know if this was because it helped the audience understand her better and we could see her point of view or if its because she was my favorite character from the beginning.

"Would you like to hear my story, Bella? It doesn't have a happy ending- but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we'd all be under our gravestones by now." -Rosalie
I loved them all!
Except for Edward's, which isn't much of a story at all. He was dying to the Spanish flu and Carlisle saved him. Big whoop.

To me Rosalie's was definitely the best.

I loved Carlisle and Jaspers stories.
When I re-read the books I actually got excited when the chapters with their stories came up

I reckon that Jasper's background story was the best if not, I think Carlisle because they are both created really well and they're really exciting to read!!!! I loved the whole series and how Stephanie Meyer told everyone's background story! :)

I like Alice's back story best, especially the part where, after learning the truth about where she came from, she went back to her home town and visited her original family's graves. I found that particularly touching, even though we didn't spend a lot of time talking about it.

Although I'm a fan of Alice on pretty much everything, so maybe I'm too biased to judge fairly.

I kinda liked Carlilse and Esmes....

Rosalie's broke my heart, so I think her's was the best.

I liked rosalie's a lot because it showed us why she was bitter and why she was jealous of Bella being human. I did like Alice's though, because before she found out it gave off as a mystery and suspense. Then, when she did find out I liked hwo she reacted to the news.

I think Jasper's story is really cool.

I think Rosalie's was the best. :)

Angie Elle I liked Rosalies the best, too. I think it gave us a glimpse of why she was the way she was. She was very stand-offish and bitter, and it helped me un ...more
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Maggie Lane Alice and Jaspers...
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