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message 1: by Selena, Ms. Book Writer (new)

Selena (selenacollins2015) | 1 comments Mod

I'm Selena Collins. Though it's my pend name because I love writing books. I thought to start the welcoming to the coven we should introduce ourselves.

Anyways I'll start us off.

I'm Selena Collins (pend author name) but my real name is Jessica. I love reading and writing and have been a member since last summer. Though I do too much stuff it's hard to get on here sometimes. I hope to be published someday as a writer. Love to read any fantasy (especially vampyres) & romance the most but I don't mind a good supernatural mystery or story.

message 2: by Sasha (new)

Sasha (redheadedlibrarian) | 5 comments Hi!

I'm feeling social and I just joined the group so I thought I would contribute a little as well.

I'm Sasha Richard (pronounced Ri-shard) and I'm a die-hard book fan. I'm literally always reading and when it's not a published novel, it's a piece written by someone online or by friends. I would die without my candy apple red hair and iPod. I have an irrational fear of pumping fuel and am a self-proclaimed Pediophobe.

I've got quite a few creative pieces but I prefer to read and edit mainly. I will read anything but my personal favorite is paranormal romance and historical romance.

Currently, my favorite piece is Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone - other than Pride and Prejudice, because that's a classic - because of the beautiful prose style writing and I anxiously await the second instalment.

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