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message 1: by Matze (new)

Matze | 2 comments Let's read something in Memorial of Ray Bradbury

I never read "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and as a Fan of The Thing this is on Top of my to read List.

What are your opinions & suggestion?

message 2: by Bri, Wielder of Trolljnir (new)

Bri (mythbri) | 26 comments Mod
That's a great idea, Matze. We've already decided to read Good Omens but our next one could definitely be something of Bradbury's.

Something Wicked This Way Comes is a great read, as is Fahrenheit 451, The Illustrated Man, and The Halloween Tree. I could put up a poll for everyone to vote, maybe? More suggestions are welcome!

message 3: by Matze (new)

Matze | 2 comments Yeah, i just checked my inmail and found out. Didn't want to sabotage it :/

Bad Omens is cool, haven't read it in quit a Time.

message 4: by Bri, Wielder of Trolljnir (new)

Bri (mythbri) | 26 comments Mod
I'll be sending out a reminder to everyone later tonight, since we've gotten some new members recently. Hopefully we'll get some more suggestions - we already have a lot of good stuff to choose from.

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