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Love Inspired Books (loveinspiredbooks) | 1035 comments Mod
This month, we are spotlighting Love Inspired Suspense on We will have some great events and special guests the week of June 15th, so I hope you'll join us.

The main discussion is here:

For now, though, let's talk about your favorite Love Inspired suspense books and authors... does anyone have a particular favorite?

I just finished the Fitzgerald Bay continuity and really enjoyed it.


message 2: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 7 comments I really love all the suspense books by Hannah Alexander

message 3: by Terri (new)

Terri (clanmoran) | 44 comments I really enjoyed the "Protecting the Witness" series. I always enjoy reading "series" books, and LIS is a good type of genre because you get mystery, romance but not the "extras"!!

message 4: by Jill (new)

Jill | 1 comments I agree, Crystal. It was such an honor to be asked to write the second novella in a two-novella LIS release this past Christmas 2012, with Hannah in the spotlight as the author of the first novella. Funny thing--we didn't collaborate on the plots of our separate stories, but we both used poison as the murder weapon. I don't know how many people have asked me if we planned that. LOL. Oh, btw, the name of the book is Season of Danger.

message 5: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (SharonTroyCentanne) | 15 comments I really am enjoying the Three Sisters Inn trilogy. I read the first one, bought the third one and can't find the second one. But it is a great trilogy of mystery and suspense about three sisters and the inn they run.

message 6: by Beth (new)

Beth  (canadianbeth) | 22 comments I really like Lynette Eason, Hannah Alexander, Margaret Daley, and several others. I have all the Fitzgerald Bay ones on my e-reader and as soon as I have caught up with my print books will start on the e-ones. I still have the Protecting the Witnesses series to read, and am about to start on the Wisper Lake ones - yes I am really behind on the print ones because I keep taking books from the library and I have to read them first. :) Just finished Lynette Eason's latest, When the Smoke Clears, from the library.

message 7: by Love Inspired (new)

Love Inspired Books (loveinspiredbooks) | 1035 comments Mod
Jill, that's so neat how you guys came up with the same thing, even though you didn't plan it. Great minds think alike.

I liked protecting the Witnesses as well.

Sharon, Three Sisters Inn was one of my favorites. But you can't go wrong with anything by Marta Perry. She is definitely one of my favorite authors.

Beth, that's so cool that your library carries LIS. It's always interesting to me to see the libraries that do because mine doesn't. :(


message 8: by Camy (new)

Camy (camytang) | 103 comments I just read Identity Crisis and that's become one of my favorite LIS books!

message 9: by Love Inspired (new)

Love Inspired Books (loveinspiredbooks) | 1035 comments Mod
Camy, did you and I discuss that one? I can't remember. I also really enjoyed that book, so I was wondering if it was one we'd talked about or we still just happen to like the same stories.


message 10: by Camy (new)

Camy (camytang) | 103 comments I might have told you that I liked it, but I don't exactly remember now. :)

message 11: by Lyn (new)

Lyn (lyncote) | 218 comments I posted a review of Roxanne Rustand's Duty to Protect on blog.

message 12: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (princessmg) I love reading the LIS series. I also really enjoyed the Protecting the Witness series as well as the books by Liz Johnson: Vanishing Act etc. I'm on summer vacation from my job(I'm a teacher's aide) so I have LOTS of time to read and I've been reading LIS like crazy! I've read the Laura Scott, Susan Sleeman and Christy Barritt books and am working on Lynette Eason at the moment. They all been good but my favorites have been Identity Crisis(can't wait for the sequel), The Last Target by Christy Baritt and the Amazon trilogy by Lynette Eason.

message 13: by Camy (new)

Camy (camytang) | 103 comments I can't wait for the sequel, too!

message 14: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (SharonTroyCentanne) | 15 comments I have a huge wall of Christian fiction, but it is the Love Inspired books I read the most. Recently I read another Marta Perry book - Her Surprise Sister. Not sure if it was Suspense or just romance, but there was mystery in this first of the Texas Twins continuity series.
By the way, I have so many Love Inspired Suspense, I got another bookcase for them. I put my Suspense and mystery books back in the dark corner of the library where the lighting is poorer, and in a black bookcase. You can still see the books, but I wanted to add to the suspenseful ambiance. There is special signage announcing Love Inspired Suspense. I think we have over 100 LI Suspense titles now. Had to move them to make room for my hundreds of LI books too. :)

message 15: by Love Inspired (new)

Love Inspired Books (loveinspiredbooks) | 1035 comments Mod
I'm also excited for the sequel.... can't wait!!

message 16: by Lyn (new)

Lyn (lyncote) | 218 comments Sharon, Funny you should mention Marta Perry. She's a guest on my blog today and is giving away a copy of her latest Amish romantic suspense, DANGER IN PLAIN SIGHT.

message 17: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (SharonTroyCentanne) | 15 comments Thanks, Lyn! She told a good story there too.

message 18: by Paula-O (new)

Paula-O (kyflo130) | 36 comments thanks for the heads up Lyn, enjoyed the post and commented....

message 19: by Love Inspired (new)

Love Inspired Books (loveinspiredbooks) | 1035 comments Mod
Have any of you been playing our murder mystery game? We've got a lot of great clues, and the first to solve the mystery will win a $50 Amazon gift card.

And, for those of you who haven't joined in yet, Janet Tronstad is having another one of her famous writing challenges.!

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