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RP (role play) in the forest and high kingdom

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Abigail (greyangel) make it about anythink you want and have fun heck make an adventure

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((Can I create a topic for the Elves to roleplay in? Eowyn lives just outside of a small town, so could I make the town, and the forest?))

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Abigail (greyangel) (i think we should try this where every one cna chose a role play to go into this is one in the forest and high kingdom)

grey angel looked left and right as she flew through the night air, blending into the sky as she yet again ran from the high kingdom but this time she made sure no one had followed her into the forest.

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((So... Is this the only forest? Will this be the one that Eowyn lives in?))

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Abigail (greyangel) Hadley ・I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!・ wrote: "((So... Is this the only forest? Will this be the one that Eowyn lives in?))"

yer but others can enter the forest and join the role play

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((Got it (: ))

Eowyn ran through the forest, heading for her treehouse. She spotted the large oak tree and leapt to the trunk, holding on tightly. She climbed it really fast and opened the mismatched door. "Home sweet home," she said aloud.

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Abigail (greyangel) as grey angel landed on the tree tops she herd a voice and turned her eyes towards the voice and saw an elf. she quicly decided she could go over there and use the house for shelter till morning. so she flew over and steped in the door way before eowyn could shut the door

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Eowyn spun around, "Hello?" she frowned.

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Abigail (greyangel) "hi lisen i need to stay here for the night" grey angel extended her hand and said " my names Grey angel you can call me grey and if you recognise the name you know im on the run"

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"Umm..." Eowyn didn't shake her hand, "All right... I'm Eowyn." she said slowly.

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Abigail (greyangel) that was all grey needed she ran past eowyn and jumped onto the bed and started to fall asleep

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"Hey!" Eowyn's face was a mixture of confusion and outrage. She usually didn't get angry, but this person was annoying her! "That's my bed, thank you very much." she said sharply.

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Abigail (greyangel) grey angel didn't reply she just put the pillow over her head and fell asleep

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Eowyn's eyes narrowed, "Out. Now." she pulled the pillow off of Grey's head.

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Abigail (greyangel) grey in her attack mode pushed eowyn against the wall greys eyes where black the evil was starting to take over

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Eowyn stared calmly at her and plants started to creep through the floorboards, "No one. No one messes with me." she said coldly.

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Abigail (greyangel) grey just smirked at eowyn as she tighted her grip on the elfs neck throwing her across the room ruining the elfs consetration

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Eowyn leaped to her feet, "I said, no one messes with me." the plants started to wrap around Grey's ankles, binding her to the floor.

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Abigail (greyangel) when the plants touched her Grey snaped out of the evil mode and saw the damage made. "i am so sorry, you should know you wake a fallen angel when there sleeping they have no control over what they do"

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"You never told me that you are a fallen angel," Eowyn said suspiciously, and the plants let her go. She glanced around at a few broken floorboards and sighed.

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Abigail (greyangel) "sorry i thought you knew, im the princess of the high kingdom, most know my family are fallen angels and if they didn't my grey wings and my familys black wings give them a clue"

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"I have not been out enough to recognize what you are..." Eowyn sighed again.

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Abigail (greyangel) "oh well now you know can i go back to sleep now" grey was already walking towards the bed

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Eowyn scowled at her, "I thought that you would have learned by now, that's my bed!"

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Abigail (greyangel) grey stared at her "well im the guest and im more powerful than you , so i get the bed"

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"Fine," Eowyn rolled her eyes and headed for the door. "I'll sleep on the branches."

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Abigail (greyangel) "thats a good littel elf"

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Eowyn spun around, stung by her comment. "Don't even think about calling me that again. Go to sleep, you're leaving in the morning." She turned to the door, flicked her head angrily, and walked outside.

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Abigail (greyangel) after eowyn left grey went back to the bed and mumbled "what a cranky elf"

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Abigail (greyangel) ***********the next morning ******************

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Eowyn yawned, stretched, and stood up. She narrowed her eyes, remembering Grey, and jumped through a hole in the roof to get inside.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Izzy sighed and walked around in the forest happy of not being around the castle for once. She sighed softly.

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Abigail (greyangel) grey had been up way before eowyn had gotten up, grey was to busy spying on a person called izzy

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Eowyn looked at Grey, "Out. Now."

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Abigail (greyangel) "one second you have a vampire out side" grey said keeping her voice low

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Izzy sighed and just looked around smiling looking at the forest and feeling her way around her. She picked a flower up and stuck it in her hair. She danced around the tree smiling and laughing. She giggled softly not noticing anyone watching her. She put her head back dancing around the tree smiling and laughing not caring if anyone was watching her.

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Abigail (greyangel) grey jumped down onto a low branch so that she was close enoth for the vampire to see her

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Eowyn nodded, "Fine. I don't care. Bye bye." she shut the door.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She grinned softly and prteneded she didn't notice him. She giggled softly and still danced enjoying herself and still had a lot of time she enjoyed it and played around. Putting more flowers and sticking another in her hair. She laughed and danced care free and smiled. But she did look up to see him.

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yael Quinn was perched, laying on a tree branch. Her arms were behind her head, and the sun's rays danced over her face. She was chewing a piece of straw she foound, and she looked very relaxed.

Levi was sitting at the base of a tree. Listening to the sounds of the forest. He breathed in deeply. Enjoying the quietness. He just wish there was some chaos he can cause.

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Eowyn smiled, glad to be rid of that annoying princess. She jumped out a window and grabbed a tree branch as she fell to the ground. The branch held, so she swung herself up and ran along it.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Darneyious sighed and looked around seeing only maybe a person or two. She closed her eyes and felt three people's presences in there. But the worst of it was the second presence she felt. It was so cold and dark that she wished she couldn't feel it but it was of a guy she felt. She wanted to know whose this prescene was and so she felt like she should dive deeper into the forest. She looked up around her and spun in a circle looking around. So far the prescene she felt wasn't in a tree but she closed her eyes and looked deeper. She saw this person's prescene was a couple pf trees down. She looked up and saw it was a guy. She headed down folling the path to where it took her in this forest. She stopped smiling and looked serious for a change.

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yael Levi frowned, and concentrated. "I know your there. Might as well come out." He was on alert, glancing around the area.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She hid behind a tree and wasn't going to come out wether she liked it or not. She was happy she had a knife in her boot and same for a sword on her waist. She did a spell thankfully so he never knew she had it all along. She sighed softly and whispered to herself. "If he finds you and catchs you its only going to be worse. I haven't even figured out his power yet." She sighed softly.

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yael Levi smirked, and closed his eyes, sitting crosslegged. He kept his concentration steady. He wondered what was she, and why was she in the same area with him. The corners of his mouth lifted in a smug smile. She can hide, but she's obvioulsy has no common sense.

~In a different part of the forest~
Quinn layed there calmly, almost falling asleep. She sat up and looked around. She then jumped down her branch, still chewing the straw. Quinn walked around curiously, wondering what other supernatural beings, and royalty were around.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She felt herself sigh and probably knew he heard what she said. She sighed and looked back at him. She felt herself listening to what he was doing but sighed softly. "So you want to see me? I take it why are you here in the first place as is? I mean shouldn't you be somewhere else or so? I mean it really. I shouldn't u a..." She looked into his eyes and felt herself looking into his piercing eyes and couldn't think of anything but fear and couldn't move at all. This never happen to her and she wish it stopped but it couldn't and it was driving her mad right now.

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yael "I would be somewhere else, if my ancestors weren't busy. The Shadow World is overpopulated with Shadow men today." His blue eyes, were glazed and cold. Levi traced a symbol on the dirst in fornt of him.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She sighed but she couldn't move. This never happen to her. She never had an effect like this at all. "What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Will you answer me!" She looked into his eyes and covered her mouth. She wished she didn't say that at all. "Oh wow okay." she couldn't move and it felt like it was becoming worse.

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yael Levi smiled. "Gebo. The symbol of sacrifice. My ancestors will love you as their property."

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She glared at him slightly. "No you didn't just say that. You can't. You don't know who I am at all. I'm not going to be their property at all. I don't want to be at all." She glared and couldn't move and she wished she did. She was a princess of her own people and if he took her he would have a lot of explaining to do as is. She felt herself close her eyes and then reopen.

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