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Abigail (greyangel) to take part use this as a guide line



what are you (a vampire fallen angel were-wolf ect):

rank(princess, queen, king , local):

any specialy powers:



any backround:

good or evil:

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Abigail (greyangel) Name: Grey Angel

looks: black hair blue eyes that turn black when mad

what are you (a vampire fallen angel were-wolf ect):fallen angel

rank: princess

any specialy powers: can fly and can use mind control but make me very weak also can blend into the night sky

family: i have a sister and brother and a mother that hates me

personality: acts dark but a kind soul lays under.

any backround:her family fell and have taken over the hight kingdom but she runs away every chance she gets

good or evil: both but someone must help her chose what side to go on.

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Name: Eowyn Flyte

Eowyn has long light brown/gold hair that is usually in a braid. Her face is slightly tanned with a few freckles, and her eyes are magnificent. They are the brightest and most brilliant green that you have ever seen, and when in the sun they have gold specks. She has thin, elvish features (slightly pointed nose, ears, chin, face) and stands at about 5'2". She is very pretty.

What are you: Elf

Rank: Unknown Princess

Any Special Powers: Eowyn has the ability to make plants grow anywhere, and she can shape-shift into a lark.

Family: Her real family are the king and queen, but some poor townsfolk took her in. They are Mary, her foster mother, Jonathan, her foster father, and Annabelle (Anne), her foster sister.

Personality: Nice, but likes to be on her own. She loves to read, write, and draw on her own, and hates when people interrupt her. She's easily irritated, especially when people invade her home.

Background: Eowyn was born in the palace. The kingdom was being attacked, and her parents gave her to a small village with a beautiful dress, a small silver necklace, and a horse. A poor family took her in and raised her, treating her as their own daughter. They had another daughter who was jealous of Eowyn's beauty, and she treated her like dirt. When Eowyn was old enough to go out on her own, she left town and made home in the woods near her foster family. She lives in a small treehouse in a large oak tree near the lake.

Good or Evil: Very, very, very good!

Other: Her most prized possessions are the white dress, silver necklace, and horse named Poppy. She is amazing at climbing trees, and is almost always in them.

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Abigail (greyangel) ❤Sarina❤ wrote: "Eowyn Flyte "

how do you get the picture up

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Abigail (greyangel) yer well dont worry about it can you invite more ppl plz

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Yeah, I will... In a little while. I'm kinda busy right now, sorry.

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Abigail (greyangel) its okay invite when you can

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Name: Izzy Cain
What are you: vampire
Rank: princess
Specialty: controling the elements specially fire and water but mostly mind reading
Family: older brother and younger sister
Personality: kind, caring, cocky at times, hates being waited upon, lovs having fun always, can have a bad mood at times to, charming as always, gets what she wants by her wits and looks
Any background: she remembered after she was born she had to do things on her own and on top of that after sixteen her parents were killed and she rules her own kingdom now
Good or Evil: good for now

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) Name: Trinity Everly

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Eye Color: (view spoiler)
Hair Color: Jet Black
Height: 5'11"
Complexion: Bronze/Tan
Wings: (view spoiler)

What are you?: Dark Faerie

Rank: Local

Any specialy powers:
*Chronokinesis- the ability to control time
*She can fly

Family: Twin Brother

Personality: Trinity is very mysterious, she will reveal nothing about herself. She has a short temper and making her angry isn't a smart idea. She is extremely and smart, she will always think before she acts. Trinity does whatever she wants, whenever she wants and if you get in her way you're pretty much asking for a fight. She is very mature and is excellent at hiding her emotions and lying. She is very blunt and will say whatever she is thinking whether it is hurtful of not and she doesn't tolerate idiots.

Any background: Trinity's parents 'disappeared' when she was 13 and from then on learned to fend for herself. Her brother always took care of her but she never needed his help. Her and her brother grew up quickly and became very successful thieves.

Good or evil? Neither, she can be good if she feels like it but she is more on the evil side.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) Name: Trent Everly

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Eye Color: (view spoiler)
Hair Color: Light Brown
Height: 6'1"
Complexion: Bronze/Tan
Wings: (view spoiler)

What are you?: Dark Faerie

Rank: Local

Any specialty powers:
*Photokinesis- the ability to control light
*He can fly

Family: Twin Sister

Personality: Trent is much like his sister in his own head; he thinks it but wont say it while Trinity will say it. He is very charming and seductive. He loves toying with people and never thinks of the consequences. Trent isn't as smart as Trinity and sometimes will act before thinking but he can almost always talk his way out of anything.

Any background: Same as Trinity's

Good or evil? Neither, he can be good if he feels like it but he is more on the evil side.

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yael Name: Levi Cash

looks: [image error]

what are you: Shadowman
(view spoiler)

rank(princess, queen, king , local): Prince

any specialy powers: Control dreams and noghtmares and make them real. Manipulate their realm and shadows,

family: his ancestors

personality: Charming, aggressive and negative about almost everything.

any backround: Not much. There mostly rumors that people hear.

good or evil: Evil but has some good in him he doesn't know exists

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yael Name: Quinn Kylar

looks: Sorry for the size D: (view spoiler)

what are you: Banshee and Garde Hybrid
(view spoiler)

rank(princess, queen, king , local): Princess

any specialy powers: -Scream -- that fortells a person's death s near. It can also suspend a soul in place so a male banshee can put it back in the body. But someone else will die in that person's place if they do so.
-Lumen — The ability to produce heat and light from his hands and a resistance to heat and fire which is spread over the exterior of his body (Meaning that he can't be burned but could still die from smoke inhalation).
-Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability.
-Sensiorc- the ability to control othersʼ emotions

family: Twin brother

personality:Quinn is a real character; she wants nothing more than to enjoy life. She's a naturally bold, gung-ho, and witty person, and not much gets her down for long (but she's moody, competetive and rude-- sometimes). Her world is a fun place—she is not naive, but rather chooses to see the humorous in things. Although more or less trustworthy, she isn't very industrious or dependable. Although not reckless, she is no coward and gets a thrill out of danger (she's faces problems and never backs down from a fight). She's very easygoing about things and comes across as genuinely warm, and charming. As much as she likes to socialize, she's actually very closed about her internal world and background, and she always finds a slippery way to change that subject. She's frequently engages in pranks and practical jokes, to shake things up and "punish" people who are too serious. Quinn especially enjoys telling tales of her past exploits, which she tends to exaggerate into tall tales over time. She tends to chew on things, like straw or grass. She never liked being so proper for a princess, so she's fierce and wild.

Background: When Dominic(her twin brother) and Quinn were young , their mothers (they had the same father but not the same mother) argued over whose child would become the heir to the family after their death. Because of this, the mother’s separated, and didn’t mention any thing about the children’s family relation. Quinn's mother forced Quinn to be perfect in everything. Soon her mother had a son and said that there was no need for Quinn anymore. She also said that Quinn was never capable, even after Quinn said that she was only listening to her mother's orders. Ever since then, she hated all forms of perfection. When Quinn turned 12, her mother died, and her father remarried to a nicer and kinder mother.

good or evil: Both.

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yael Done with my two charries :D

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) OH, I like them!!!!

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yael ^^ thank you

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