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message 1: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Wilson (StorytellerTDW) | 21 comments Hi All

I'm having an dilemma that I could use some advice about. I've added my more 'popular' book to the KDP Select program and have some free days coming up later this month...and to promote it I want to buy ads on some of the major 'free book' sites...but one of the sites I want to use only promotes "popular books" which they gauge by number of reviews... and I don't have enough good reviews because my book isn't that popular yet. Talk about the chicken or the egg...

So, how can I get a few more reviews with out being well known yet? I've tried a few R2Rs but those didn't target my audience well enough (military action/adventure) so I got several bad reviews from the readers that were looking for more of a romance. Needless to say, I'm leery about trying read2reviews and maybe not getting the right type of reader.


message 2: by Sean (new)

Sean DeLauder (sean_delauder) | 11 comments Joining goodreads groups and offering your book for free or as a gift in the appropriate threads is a good place to start. There are plenty of moderators for specific genres who are glad to help you promote your book in their groups. There are also plenty of avid readers out there willing to exchange an honest review for a free copy of a story. You'll also be able to focus your reviewers better, reducing the possibility that your reviewers will rate your book on a quality it wasn't necessarily meant to have. As for becoming well known, I suppose that depends upon your connections, the success of your advertising campaign, and the quality of the book. I wish you good fortune in all those things that are beyond your control.

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian Loome (lhthomson) | 101 comments Thomas wrote: "Hi All

I'm having an dilemma that I could use some advice about. I've added my more 'popular' book to the KDP Select program and have some free days coming up later this month...and to promote it ..."

Hey Thomas,
Somewhere on the boards there's a great thread on promoting via KDP select. But I can't remember where. I did, however, copy and paste the whole thing, but I'm at work right now. PM me an email addy if you can't find it and I'll send it to you when I get home.

message 4: by Terry (new)

Terry Tyler (terrytyler) | 93 comments Thomas, I can't offer much advice on the getting more reviews question, but can I just offer you some advice on the free promotion? I did one in April and got two of my books at numbers one and two on the UK free downloads for nearly a whole day, so I got something right...

I wouldn't pay for advertising. What you need to do with the free promo is TWEET. Are you on Twitter? If not, get on it, and use it, daily, follow loads of other people and interact a lot. I know you need at least 10 reviews for things like Digital Book Today, but if you go on Twitter, add Book Your Next Read, they're great at tweeting books for you. Also Sean Campbell, whose page is 90DaysNovel - he is brilliant, has a list of free ones every weekend, and has thousands of followers. Follow all the sites like FreeBooksy, Free Kindle Dude; put 'Kindle' in the search and find them all. Follow me, and I'll RT for you!

I've never had a review from a review site, but from getting lots of readers that followed after the free promotion. YOu need to work hard at it and use Twitter properly; sorry if I'm telling you stuff you know already, I'm just telling you what worked for me. I know my genre (women's contemporary fiction) is probably easier to sell, but there still must be loads of readers out there for you, too. I am also in a reader based Facebook group that publicises free books on a daily basis - there are quite a lot of those on facebook.

Hope that's some help.

message 5: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Wilson (StorytellerTDW) | 21 comments Thanks for the advice. I'll check out some of the more targeted groups and try to set up some R2Rs there. And great advice about using twitter to follow the kindle specific users. Awesome!!!!

Thanks for the support. I knew I could count on some quick help. ;-)

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